Celebrity Nudes: A Look Back at ‘The Fappening’

In terms of volume and the stars that were involved, the “Fappening” was the greatest celebrity nude photo leak that the world has ever seen. On Labor Day weekend, an anonymous 4chan user stayed true to his promise of leaking celebrity photos that he allegedly sourced from their hacked iCloud accounts. The Internet was lit on fire and in particular, the online community reddit.
If it were just a nude photo or two of some B-list celebrity, no one would have even batted an eye. But the photos belonged to some of Hollywood’s hottest young actresses. Some of the names caught in the storm were:
Ariana Grande

Victoria Justice

Kate Upton

Kim Kardashian, Kirsten Dunst, Rihanna, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Selena Gomez, and Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney – all in various stages of undress. Probably the most shocking of all (and that which received the most attention) were the compromising pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, star of the popular Hunger Games series and the defacto poster girl of the Internet.

A few hours after the initial leak on 4chan, the whole front page of /r/celebrities were filled with nude pictures of Lawrence and albums were made that showcased the “best” ones among them. Since reddit’s demography is predominantly male, a dedicated subreddit (/r/Fappening) was eventually organized and served as a dumping ground for past and present pictures. Things started to heat up when the 4chan hacker announced that he also had in possession a two-minute sex video of Lawrence which he planned to auction off to the highest bidder. (As of this writing, the video had never materialized).
However, all scandals come to an end, eventually. Some stars denied that the pictures were theirs, claiming that these were photoshopped; others were more relaxed about it and preferred to let the issue die a natural death (Mary Elizabeth Winstead scolded the hackers and told them that she “hoped that they feel good about themselves” sharing the pictures she took with her husband in the privacy of her home); while others, most notably Jennifer Lawrence, went with the legal option, threatening to sue anyone who posts and shares her pictures online. This seemed to have worked since the 4chan hacker stopped releasing the pictures (and the aforementioned sex video); the ‘Fappening’ subreddit was also taken down by a reddit admin and its creator publicly shamed online.
So, the moral of the story is this: everything that you upload online, no matter how secure and trusted the service is (such as Apple’s iCloud) can be hacked. Should you ever find the need to take sensitive pictures, think twice before clicking that “Save” button.



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  • EmileeNherWeed

    yes moral of the story: don’t take any nudes whatsoever if you don’t want anyone seeing them! these are beautiful women and shouldn’t be looked down upon for their pictures

  • Rick

    celeb nudes are leaking like crazy is this heaven??


    What comes around goes around. These liberal minded Hollywood types at times think they are above the rules for other people. They look down their nose at the “Great Unwashed” and make fun of all the little people so now the shoe is in the other foot.

    • Donald

      You haven’t heard many of those “liberal minded Hollywood types” actually speak, have you!

    • Doktor Mikel

      You have it completely backwards… this is an example of celebs doing something most normal young people do. What “rules” did they break exactly?

    • bill

      You have the “liberal minded Hollywood types” confused with corporate executives, a group of people your tiny right-wing mind worships, a group of men who you can’t think about without masturbating, crusty old men like the Koch Brothers are your fantasy. They are the ones who think the “rules don’t apply to them”. Your tiny right wing mind probably even thinks of them as “job creators” even though they stopped creating living wage jobs for Americans at least 30 years ago. You do have the option of thinking and learning. You instead choose to watch Fox News and allow yourself to be brainwashed by dropouts like Hannity. And then you come out here and embarrass yourself.


        You are truly a brain-dead Liberal that can’t think for yourself and have a disturbed conscience. I will pray that one day
        you find out who your father is and he will teach you that capitalism is what saved the world from living as a Muslim. No need to reply because if your IQ was any lower you would be a rock.

  • Guilty Bios

    I would’ve liked to seen these nude photos myself ….. damn it. Missed my chance.

    • Bob F

      Pretty easy to find on bitorrent

      • Guilty Bios

        Link the page, please and thank you.

        • Dave Maisey

          its called google. have you ever heard of a torrent?

    • Down Lowbama

      Nothing quite like seeing J Law with a kumstache.

  • Marc L

    Have these celebrities ever hear of a thumb drive?

  • fredsook

    Ja, they show the meat! Tell You!

  • Sierra Shine

    I’m not a celebrity but my nudes are all over the internet who cares, everyone’s photos are on the internet. People need to get a life.

    • Jaggerzz

      yeah but they hot, you like looking at mother teresa naked

    • Mr. Chopsticks

      Where can I find these nudes?

  • Donald

    It’s important to be sensible with what you post online but why was there nothing about not hacking or breaking the law too?!

  • Greyguy

    All hype and not worth the wait, without makeup the locals look just fine or better. I’ve seen more bent over on a tennis court and just as good.

  • Robert Ramrattan

    None of these people are anyone that I would want to see naked in the first place.

  • http://pretenders.com/ Sayidh Al yankovich

    fappening – fake happening