10 Easy Food Swaps To Keep Your Cholesterol In Check

    You want to maintain your cholesterol, but also want to sustain the deliciousness of food? Many people believe that in order to control cholesterol you have to survive on oats, bran, and tofu only. This is absolutely not true. You can maintain your cholesterol without sacrificing taste. Here are some interesting food substitutions which can help you do just that.
    1. Sprinkle Walnuts, Skip Croutons

    A salad with croutons is tasty, but it carries carbohydrates. For a healthier and tastier salad, replace croutons with walnuts. These powerful nuts contain polyunsaturated fat (good fat) that will maintain your cholesterol.
    2. Sip Water, Not Cocktails
    One of the delightful moments for foodies is to have mixed drinks with fruits, but they contain carbohydrates that would see your cholesterol levels soar. Switching to just water will not only quench your thirst, it will also keep your blood flowing freely.
    3. Say Yes To Nuts, No To Cheese And Crackers

    We’re all usually encountered with the problem of pre-dinner hunger. In order to fulfill that need, we mostly look for crackers and cheese, but they carry high saturated fats which may shoot up your cholesterol. Instead, have some almonds. They contain low saturated fats and are a good snack for your pre-dinner hunger!
    4. Vinegar And Lemon Juice Beats Salad Dressing
    Salads are good for a healthy diet and salad dressing is one of the core ingredients that bring the actual taste to the salad. But if it’s a salad with high-fat dressing, then you’re missing the whole purpose of a salad. Switch to the balsamic vinegar or lemon juice which keeps it healthy without compromising the delicious taste of a salad.
    5. Ditch The Butter For Margarine Spread

    Butter is one of the highlights of breakfast, however, it’s also a source of high cholesterol. In order to balance taste and your cholesterol, replace it with margarine, which is a better fat that also provides taste.
    6. Use Ground Turkey, Not Ground Beef
    Red meat contains both saturated fat and dietary cholesterol that will shoot up your cholesterol levels. Switch to ground turkey which is healthy as well as tasty.
    7. Chicken Is OK, Scallops Are Better
    Chicken is the favorite of many, but it does increase cholesterol levels. If you want to reduce your cholesterol while maintaining the great taste of food, switch to seafood – especially scallops.
    8. Quinoa Is A Tasty Alternative To Rice
    Rice is no doubt very tasty in many delicious dishes, but it can increase your cholesterol level. So in order to control your cholesterol, use quinoa, the South American seeds which will bring a tasty and healthy touch to your food.
    9. Munch On Popcorn, Not Tortilla Chips

    Tortilla is known to be delicious as healthy food, but homemade, air-popped popcorn is tastier and even healthier and it will help your cholesterol levels in check. Just watch out for that butter!
    10. Skip The Fatty Sour Cream, Choose Fat-Free Greek Yogurt
    Sour cream is a good ingredient to be used for garnishing or as past of a sauce. However, it contains saturated fats which will increase cholesterol levels in your body. Swap it out with no-fat Greek yogurt instead so that you can maintain the taste and texture of your food.



    Top 5 A-Lister Must Go To Restaurants In Miami 

    The Cruise Capital of the World is only one of the names given to Miami and whether you reach the shores of this beautiful city on a boat or on a plane, everything it has to offer is a treat! As popular as it is for business, Miami has a healthy quotient of fun and entertainment too and is quite popular with tourists, celebrities and business professionals alike.
    Some of the restaurants here are a haven for fine dining and if you book your tables in advance, you can land the best seat with a view that has your favorite stars in it as well! Here’s a list of 5 restaurants where the chances of that happening are among the highest in Miami!
    The Forge
    432 West 41st Street, Miami Beach, FL 33140, United States

    People who walk into The Forge usually do so with high expectations thanks to the hype created around the restaurant by critics and fans alike. Thankfully, the restaurant does not only impress, but exceeds these expectations. The tables here are always in demand and booking even a week in advance is not enough on some days. The prices of the wine and food here range from the reasonable to the expensive, so even if you wish to have a classy experience without spending too much, it fits in just right with your plans. Of course, the chance of seeing celebrities is a bonus!
    Casa Tua
    Casa Tua Hotel, 1700 James Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

    Elegant, romantic, homely and beautiful, all at the same time – the ambiance of Casa Tua is enough to make you come back repeatedly. The refreshing views the restaurant presents, both inside and out, are perfectly backed up by a menu that speaks to the food lover in you. Some find the prices to be excessive, but then again, a place as good as this one is meant to be exceptional in every way, the price included! One important thing to remember is that the restaurant does not allow you to carry your own wine, something most beachside restaurants in Miami usually do. So, get ready to spend a little extra there, but considering the amazing cocktails offered here as well as an impressive wine list, you surely won’t miss your own bottle!
    Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge
    150 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States  

    When a fashion designer is involved in the mix, you can expect something eclectic and the Cavalli Restaurant & Lounge will let you experience just that. It’s high on glamor and the luxurious interiors are known to shock and awe many diners. The service is warm and welcoming so even while you are overwhelmed by the visuals, you’ll find the place helping you get comfortable in an instant. Of course, you can count on spending most of your dining time checking out the lush and tasteful view, celebrities included.
    When you’re finally able to pay attention to the food on your table, you will find a great mix of traditional Italian cuisine sharing space comfortably with modern twists. You can trust the servers to recommend the best wines to go with them and your dining experience is all set to be a memorable one.
    Prime One Twelve
    Brown’s Hotel, 112 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

    Prime One Twelve or Prime 112 labels itself “the first modern steakhouse in the United States,” and lives up to the claim by maintaining a restaurant that is among the best in Miami! The dining atmosphere here is quite different from conventional formal dining and is even casual to a point. The reviews here are great and when you have celebrities and high-flying clientele frequenting without complaints, you know you can depend on the experience. Great food, sparkling drinks, an amazing atmosphere and beautiful looking people all around – can one ask for a more Miami experience?
    The Restaurant at The Setai
    2001 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

    An open kitchen makes for quite a boisterous view and when you have a restaurant like this, you know you can add extra memorable moments to your dining experience. Regional Mediterranean cuisine is the specialty here and the dishes offer flavors and scents that are in line with the richness of the region. The ‘Plancha’ method of cooling ensures that every dish retains the original flavors of the ingredients, thus making them even more magical. The service at The Restaurant at The Setai of course makes the dining experience even more memorable, while the presence of globetrotters, celebrities and the crème de la crème of Miami ensure that you are dining with the best crowds.
    The 5 restaurants on this list rule the scene of celebrity spotting in the city, and with a table at any of them, you have quite a chance of mixing your Miami holiday with a healthy dose of stargazing. So go ahead and book those tables because we all know how such in-demand places usually turn out to be!



    Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

    The Powerbeats2 wireless headphones are made for one purpose only: to help athletes rise above the limitations that bind them and make them extraordinary. Inspired by the King himself, LeBron James, the Powerbeats2 is an evolution of its predecessor, engineered to provide amazing sound capable of inspiring athletes to reach the next level of their skill.
    The Powerbeats2 empower you to perform anywhere. They connect to your iPod/iPhone/iPad easily and have a usable range of 30 meters, so you can stop worrying about wires going loose and start to pay full attention to dominating your workout.

    The Powerbeats2 allow you to take your game to the next level. They are sweat and water resistant from ear bud to ear bud and the cable wrap connecting them is tangle free. The RemoteTalk control has a no-slip covering so that you can control your music easily. The Powerbeats2 is designed to fit in your ear comfortably and securely so that there’s no chance of these ear buds dropping and the music suddenly stopping. The Powerbeats2 wireless in-ear headphones are lightweight enough that you don’t even notice them until the music starts playing. A full charge lasts 6 hours of playback, and a 15 minute charge gives the Powerbeats2 enough juice to last another hour, ensuring that you’ll never be without your music during a workout. With the Powerbeats2, the ball’s in your court.
    The classic Beats audio is present in the Powerbeats2 to provide the momentum through the music to make you succeed. The acoustics in the Powerbeats2 have enough power in it that you don’t even think about stopping. The ear buds are made with a special customized fit that lets you hear the ambient noise to protect yourself on the road.

    These in-ear headphones are made for the athlete who wants to step up their game. Put these in your ears, and unleash the beast within.


    Healthy Tips To Be Happier At Work

    After years of sitting in front of your computer and/or working from home, you may realize the lack of exercise you get and the need to be around real, walking, and talking people. Working from home usually entails just getting out of bed and hopping into the work chair and starting the routine over and over again.
    When this happens, most of the day is spent sitting! This could end up being bad for your health. So what do you do? The first thing could include some changes to your working style – how about a standing desk for starters? Not only that, a few other changes here or there could positively affect your life moving forward.

    1. Say Goodbye to Your Chair!

    Standing desks are becoming more widely accepted and you can definitely search for different styles online.

    2. Get the Best Out of Your Commute

    If you don’t work from home, commuting is a great way to get some exercise into your day. This can mean getting off at a further bus stop so you force yourself to walk more – this can be done on the way home as well. But what if you drive? The same notion applies, you just need to find a further parking spot.

    3. Keep Healthy Snacks at Hand

    If you have a kitchen in the office, it’s easy to prepare and store healthy snacks instead of ordering in every meal. If you have a grocery store nearby, pick up items that are easy to take to work and are easily stored, for instance, walnuts and granola bars. When you feel the sudden hunger pangs, just reach for something healthy in your drawer instead of opting for a sweet treat from the nearest vending machine!

    4. Find Someone at Work to Accompany You to Your Workouts

    If you have coworkers who are like-minded, they won’t mind having company when working out. For women, it could mean another person to go to yoga with, or for males, no need to find another person to spot you when you’re on the bench press. The goal is to stay active and remain healthy.

    5. Drink Lots of Green Tea

    If you have a kettle in the office, this is a breeze! If you buy tea from a café, it may cost a lot of money and sipping on lattes all day long may keep you awake all night. The best thing is to keep a mug and a box of green tea at your desk and when you get that craving for caffeine, just dip that tea bag and sip away!

    6. The Workspace; A Reflection of Your Style

    Your possessions and your work environment should reflect you inner style and should continue to be an inspiration for you. That’s even after long hours of work; you’ll look around yourself with a smile rather than hoping to be somewhere else! You should find a lamp that is a reflection of your style in its own way because the lighting is extremely important to make you feel comfortable while working late nights at the office.


    Don’t Miss These 15 Last Minute Thrilling Road Trips

    Have you not got any plans to enjoy this weekend? Not a problem. Here’s a list of easy escapes that will let you break away from the monotony of your routine. What you should have is a spirit for adventure, a craving for exploration, and a tank full of gas!

    1. Undiscovered Capes of New England


    The famous Nubble lighthouse in Cape Neddick, Maine, is a great option to get away from Boston. Along the way, you could absorb some sun in Cape Ann, Mass, and maybe a stopover in Gloucester at the Blue Shutters Beachside Inn for a starting amount of $125, or seize a mouth-watering lobster roll in Portsmouth, N.H. You can still feel satisfied knowing that you’re spending less than crowd of people visiting New England’s popular capes.

    2. Central Coast of California


    People living in San Francisco are lucky enough to be able to escape down to the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur. The windy highway, cliffside view of the ocean, lively beaches and captivating forests have made nature lovers feel at home for centuries. The drive from Monterey’s lively quayside to the Central Coast is a short one. You can also stop over at Casa Munras, Monterey, for an amount starting from $147. If Big Sur has not been able to satisfy your nature-loving pangs, then you can head straight towards San Simeon for watching the incredible Hearst Castle.

    3. Mississippi Gulf Coast


    This place has been voted by Budget Travel subscribers as one of America’s coolest Small Towns in 2013. Digest that! It’s a break from New Orleans. You should look for the art aesthetics in the old, historic town, visit the unique Creole cottages, and grab the huge mocking burger from the Mockingbird Café. This would be the perfect way to top off a weekend. Hangout at the Bay Town Inn from $149.

    4. Door County, Wisc


    This is a top secret location. Not all Americans are aware of Cape Cod of the Midwest. Door County is a calm cape between Lake Michigan and Green Bay. It has been an immensely loved spot among visitors. This is one of those places where you can go about skipping on rocks, enjoy a traditional fish boil, treat yourself to a high ice cream cone and smooth out the day with a sunset view. It’s also known by the name of Cherryland USA because of its delicious yearly crops. You can lodge at Lodgings, Ephraim. The costs start from $109.

    5. The Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota


    Our personal favorite road trips include those across South Dakota’s Badlands. You can bring out the inner cow boy/girl in you, soak up the western terrain and at Mount Rushmore, greet the four U.S. presidents as well. Hangout at Custer State Park’s State Game Lodge from $115 and above.

    6. Missouri’s Excelsior Springs


    Another unknown secret is to chill at Elms Resort and Spa from $139. Treat yourself in this little abode of heaven and decide whether you want to go back and tell your friends about it or keep it your little secret. The Excelsior Springs, Missouri, is your chance to delve into an unforgettable experience.

    7. New York’s Hudson River Valley


    New Yorkers like a little escape now and then from the hustle and bustle of city life. Hudson Valley’s compilation of revamped homes and historical treats along side the river are a complete ticket. You can also reach here through the metro North commuter.

    For inspiration and educational purposes, you have the option of Washington Irving’s Sunnyside and the Rockefeller estate whereas, for the daring souls out there, they have the village of Sleepy Hollows and offers tours from time to time into the graveyard. They have something for everyone. You can hang out at Alexander Hamilton House, Croton-on-Hudson, from $135.

    8. Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley

    Inhabitants close to the D.C. area take the Blue Ridge Highway to run off into the Shenandoah Valley. It’s guaranteed to relax and soothe you and make you forget the noise of the city. You can even go further south into forests, historic battlefields and beckoning mountains and lose yourself in natural beauty. Hang out at Mimslyn Inn, Luray, Va., from $160.


    9. Oregon’s Hood River


    Not far from the city center, outside Portland, lies the Hood river and the Columbia River Gorge that bid on a break-through into the wild. Orchids are sure to amaze and surprise the weekend roadie. Hang out at Seven Oaks Bed and Breakfast, from $160.

    10. Yountville, California


    Want to experience a warmer climate? Need a break from the chilly winds and harsh weather? Fasten your seatbelt and make this short drive from San Francisco. Despite the posh restaurants and spas here, travelers on a budget can pack a local picnic basket and venture into the wilderness instead. Hang out at Maison Fleurie, from $145.

    11. California’s Joshua Tree National Park


    The thing about Joshua Tree is that it allows you to evolve by allowing you to soak up one-of-its-kind flora and a dark night’s sky. It’ll always have something for you to take along home. This is your option if you want a calm and quiet recluse. Hang out at Desert Hot Springs and Sagewater Spa. Costs start from $195.

    12. Gold Coast of Michigan


    For people of Chicago, Gold Coast is a favorite hot spot. Take a ferry across the Kalamazoo River to Oval Beach, jump in for a swim or watch the Midwestern surfing – your options are open and diverse. Up the road ahead, you can see lighthouses, quiet dunes and beaches, and treat yourself to amazing seafood. Hang out at Best Western Plaza Hotel Saugatuck, from $99.

    13. Texas’s Big Bend National Park


    Located on the border between Texas and Mexico, it’s a rare and overwhelming place of nature. It’s usually scarcely crowded. Temperature remains mild in winters and doesn’t get too hot during summers. The landscape of mountains and Rio Grande are full of magnificence and splendor. Hang out at Gage Hotel, Marathon, from $215.

    14. Eastern Shore of Maryland


    Recently, an episode of PBS series Travels with Darley, who is the contributing editor of Budget Travel, were shot in Maryland’s Eastern Shore. They made a stop at Ocean City. This place is an easy break from D.C., Baltimore and more such metro, mid-Atlantic areas. Hang out at Sun ‘N Fun Motel, Ocean City, from $181.

    15. Virginia Beach


    In order to get the most out of your weekend, Virginia Beach lets you submerge yourself in the fantastic views along the Atlantic and forget the worries of the world. If you are lucky enough, you might also find porpoises playing happily in the water. The question of where to stop over at Virginia Beach is not a problem because there are many options to choose from.



    Traveling by Air: Understanding The Plane You’re On

    To know your plane is very important for the quality trip you’re going on. It can easily be done when you’re going to select a flight and buy a ticket.

    The search option by most airlines will help you choose the desired plane and desired seat on the plane. The following are the most important things to consider while choosing your air travel services and plane, keeping in line with your comforts and budget:

    Noise causes a nuisance to the passengers, especially if you’re looking for some rest. Jet-noise problems are most severe in planes with rear-mounted engines, where noise in the last few rows can truly be offensive.


    • Favor: A380s and 787s, with their latest-generation engines.

    • Avoid: Seats far to the rear, especially in the last three to four rows in MD80s and MD90s, and the last two to three rows in smaller regional jets.



    In general, the bigger the plane, the less bumpy the ride will be. Jumbo jets are like big cruise ships: relatively smooth even in rough air. Choose bigger planes and always look for the better travel options when considering your budget.

    • Favor: A380s, 747s, and 787s are more favorable.

    • Avoid: Small regional jets and turboprop are less favorable.


    Cabin Air

    The latest generation of jets — the 787 and soon-to-come A350 — provide lower cabin altitudes and higher humidity than older models. You’ll notice the difference if you have a long flight for your vacation.

    • Favor: 787s and A350s instead of other planes.



    Seating space varies from older to newer planes. Unlike front-to-rear space, side-to-side seat spacing on most planes does depend on airplane model. There are airline-to-airline differences in the number of seats per row, and therefore, width on two wide-body planes.

    • Favor: 18-inch (or better) nine-across seats on 777 and eight across seats on 787.

    • Avoid: 17-inch 10-across seats on 777 and nine across seats on 787; especially avoid a few foreign A330/340 models.


    Overhead Bin Space

    Overhead bin space is another important factor to know before booking a plane. It is the potential travel factor while sitting in the plane and enjoying your space.
    It varies mainly by plane model, but occasionally by airline as well. Unfortunately, we know of no online source of detailed data on bin design and space. In general, however, newer plane models have larger bins.


    Entertainment is a vital part to look into, even features such as on demand, multichannel TV, and movies. Older planes have pre-loaded tablets, TV having limited program choice and timing, while newer planes have a stronger TV offering. No airlines provide entertainment on MD80/90 while some airlines provide no entertainment on their smaller short-haul mainline planes. Likewise, only a few regional jets have entertainment.

    Power Outlets

    Power outlets are in demand from today’s airlines due to the increased use of tablets and mobiles. Most new planes provide standard plug-in AC power in limited seats while older planes provide low-voltage DC, a USB connection, or automobile type socket. Most of the travelers want to connect to the Internet, play games, do corporate work, etc. while still having an acceptable mobile battery. So choose your plane wisely if this is important to you.


    Due to the strong use of the Internet, WiFi availability is vital for every passenger on board. Fortunately, there is competition among airlines to provide better Internet speed and bandwidth. Alaska, Delta, Jet Blue, and Virgin America are among the emerging airlines to provide fleet-wide WiFi. There are some websites showing the airline/plane combinations providing WiFi. However, they do not differentiate between limited and high-bandwidth.

    Premium Economy

    Airlines in North America offer a “semi-premium” option: three to five inches of extra pitch. True premium requires a maximum of seven seats per row in A330/340, A380 upper deck, and 787, and eight seats per row in 747 and 777. Some airlines do even better. Open Skies is the only carrier (as we know) that offers true premium economy in a 757, at four-across.

    Business and First Class

    Different airlines use differing approaches to layout. Nowadays, a flatbed is becoming the competitive norm — Delta, for example, is 100 percent flatbed.
    Paying a fortune for a “business class” seat on a red-eye flight that does not lie flat at all? On a few airlines, including Copa, Iceland air, and most of the long-haul low-fare airlines based in Europe; you will find it.

    Getting The Information

    You can find most of the airplanes on several online sources. A complete coverage is on a site; Seat Guru, which shows seat plans, dimensions, in-flight entertainment, power availability, WiFi availability, and seat recline. It also highlights “bad” seats. If Seat Guru lists any airline you’re considering, you need to go no further. Other online seat sources include Seat Expert, Seat Maestro, and Seat Plans.



    Top 5 A-Lister Must Go To Restaurants In Cabo 

    Healthy measures of adventure, relaxation and recreation make Cabo San Lucas one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Mexico. Its proximity to Los Angeles that is only a two and a half hour flight away makes it even more popular with American tourists who need a quick getaway.
    The sun, the sand, the beautiful marine life, and the adventure that comes with all that make Cabo a favored destination for celebrities too. So if you’re on the lookout for a location that satisfies your travel urges as well as stargazing interests, Cabo it is! This list of 5 restaurants are the best bets for celebrity sightings in Cabo, apart from their beautiful and lip-smacking dishes of course!
    CaboRey Dinner Cruise
    Blvd Marina | Marina Cabo San Lucas, Cabo San Lucas 23450, Mexico

    If you wish to start your vacation in Cabo on a high note, the CaboRey Dinner Cruise is just the way to do it. The name already gives away the fact that your night will be on a cruise, and for the most part, that’s enough! The experience goes even beyond this however and that’s the best part. The view is to die for and you have all the beauty offered by Cabo at your command. The beautiful waters and the shoreline dotted with beautiful resorts and people that are even more beautiful make for memories that will hold your interest forever and beckon you back time and time again. There is live music and sometimes even musicals to keep you company and the best drinks in town flow uninhibitedly. The service is impeccable and the food complements every other nuance of the experience.
    Mi Casa
    Av. Cabo San Lucas S/N, Centro, 23450 Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

    If “Mi Casa Su Casa” sounds to you like a host going overboard playing his role, you simply have to experience a meal at Mi Casa – you will know that such hospitality is indeed possible in Mexico! The view of the restaurant is mesmerizing and many tourists have exhausted their cameras by snapping photographs of every single detail they find interesting. Yes, the place is a little expensive, but when you’re on a vacation and wish for nothing less than exhilarating moments, does price really matter? The authentic Mexican cuisine makes every meal come alive and the servers are great at recommending dishes in line with your tastes. Mi Casa offers an experience that is truly Mexican, Mariachi bands and a host of other entertainers included!
    Javier’s Cantina & Grill
    Paseo Malecon SN Lote 11 Fonatur, San Jose del Cabo 23400, Mexico

    A beachside restaurant that is classy to the core, Javier’s Cantina & Grill is a fine dining experience in one of the most laid back environments – the perfect combination for a holiday meal! This one’s popular for its Mexican fare too and classic home-styled meals bring out the flavor of the land in perfect morsels. Ceviche, Steak Picado, Shrimp and Lobster Enchiladas, Chipotle Chicken and many others are favorites here while anything else on the menu is just as good for those who wish to experiment. The service is quite efficient and though some complain it to be a little slow, it’s sure in line with a vacation – where everything is supposed to be slow and relaxing anyways!
    Sunset Da Mona Lisa
    Carretera Transpeninsular Kilometro 6.5, 23455 Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico

    With a name as magical as Sunset Da Mona Lisa, you would have high expectations from this restaurant and thankfully, it does not disappoint. If Cabo’s views have overwhelmed you and you think nothing in town can match up to what you have already seen, an evening table at this restaurant will tell you how there is still a lot you have to discover!
    This one’s right by the ocean and the pleasant sea breeze accompanied by the breathtaking view is where your beautiful experience begins. The service is friendly, efficient and professional so you’ll have no worries on that front either. As for the food, if you’re not sure of what to order, the waiters are the best bets to recommend something that would truly complete your evening.
    Whether it’s the Filetto Di Manzo Alla Pietra Lavica or the Aragasto Alla Brace, you just cannot go wrong with any of the dishes here! Of course, if a celebrity walks in, as they often do, your evening is surely going to be brighter!
    Flora’s Field Kitchen
    Sin Nombre s/n, Animas Bajas, 23407 San José del Cabo, BCS, Mexico

    A pleasant drive away from the hustle and bustle of Cabo will take you to Flora’s Field Kitchen, a place that organic diners swear by. If you wish to try something different from the usual on your vacation and still want nothing but the best, this restaurant is the one to head to. An ‘oasis in the desert’ is what some patrons of the restaurant describe it as and the locally grown ingredients on the adjoining farm will tell you that this oasis serves nothing less than the freshest produce. Before having a meal, or even after a fulfilling one, do remember to take a walk in the farms and learn why this place is so popular with vacationers and locals alike!
    A vacation in Cabo allows you to enjoy the best things in life and if celebrity sightings is on your particular list of activities, these 5 restaurants are the best places to try your luck!



    Courtney Barnes Goes Viral, Then Gets Arrested

    Courtney Barnes first hit the limelight when he auditioned for the popular dance show So You Think You Can Dance over several seasons. That didn’t work out well for him, although Barnes did astonish everyone with his dancing skills.
    However, being at the right place at the right time helped Barnes get another shot at glory, and this time on the Internet, all through his extremely colorful description of a police car chase that ended in a crash. Of course, his colorful attire and striking features, complete with green hair, green nail polish, and the mono brows helped too.

    The video went viral and soon enough, Barnes was an Internet sensation!
    While Barnes was only beginning to enjoy the attention his video was getting, and maybe thinking of ways on how to make the most of the opportunity, his video caught the attention of a shop owner in Mississippi who immediately recognized the man in the video as the one who had been caught shoplifting by his store’s CCTV cameras.
    Soon enough, Barnes was arrested by Mississippi police and apart from charges of shoplifting, also faced charges of contempt of court and parking tickets and other traffic fines amounting to $1600.
    Barnes did issue an apology to his new legion of fans through his Instagram account, telling them that he was sorry for his mistakes and that “it will all work out for the better.”

    Plz repost thanks

    A video posted by Courtney Barnes (@kingdance_) on



    Top 10 Low Budget Movies That Were Huge Hits

    Hollywood is well known for lavish projects where costs are hardly an impediment. This however does not hold true for all successful films. There are some low budget movies whose success, positive audience feedback and critical acclaim, resonate till date. Here’s a list of Top 10 Low Budget Movies that were Huge Hits. In spite of going really low on the element of financial expenditure, they all made a grand fortune upon release.



    Directed by John. G. Avildsen and scripted by Sylvester Stallone, Rocky received a great response from the audience. Starring the fetching and young Stallone, the movie was a light film made within 28 days on a low budget of only $950,000. The movie’s release, in return, fetched mammoth amounts adding up to $225 million. Apart from the financial gains, the movie even won three Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.

    The Full Monty


    This British comedy with a simple story of six unemployed men who try to make a difference in their lives by forming a striptease act proved to be quite surprise hit at the box office. The movie was made on a budget of $3.5 million, but thanks to its hilarious plot and storyline, the movie generated gross revenue of over $250 million. The Full Monty received critical acclaim, after its release and was the highest grossing film in the United Kingdom, until the grandiose Titanic was released.



    Directed by James Wan, this $1.2 million low budget horror film was made based on the story of two men who are trapped in a bathroom and then given separate instructions via tape recorders to help them escape. The mind numbing horror and gut wrenching details in the movie received a positive reaction from the audience, allowing Saw to garner returns of over $103 million. The movie then became a franchise with seven equally thrilling parts, which were a hit with the audience too.

    Paranormal Activity


    Created on a budget of a measly $11,000, this movie created a wave of curiosity with its highly unusual yet gripping plot. The movie was originally created as an independent feature and played at film festival screenings in 2007 and a couple of years later, in 2009, the movie was officially released by Paramount Pictures. Paranormal Activity depicts eerie experiences of a young couple, Katie and Micah, who move into a home in the suburbs. Katie claims to be haunted by the presence of an evil spirit in the house, and to further investigate the disturbing occurrences, Micah and Katie carefully set video cameras all over their home. The happenings that follow are grippingly spooky. The movie is worth every second of viewing and rightfully earned over a whopping $193 million worldwide.

    Napoleon Dynamite


    Jared Hess had created a short film Peluca that was later adapted into a full-length film called Napoleon Dynamite. The protagonist and title role of Napoleon Dynamite was played by actor Jon Heder, who received a meager sum of $1,000 for his exceptional role in the movie. Later, it is said he renegotiated and was given a profit percentage of the movie. The movie was not just made on a restricted budget of $400,000, but was also filmed in a rather cost-friendly location – producer Jeremy Coon’s apartment! It created a new fondness towards the nerd kind and many movies adopted this leitmotif in their making. Napoleon Dynamite grossed $46,140,956 at the worldwide box office.

    Mad Max


    This larger than life action film was director George Miller’s debut adventure in filmmaking. The actors risked life and limb with the stunts they had to perform in the action sequences and it is said that Miller could only afford one actual leather suit for the movie, the one worn by Mel Gibson and the rest of the gangsters were costumed in pleather or imitation leather. The movie’s budget was tightly set at $400,000, but the profits it made added up to $100 million. Mad Max even entered the Guinness Book of World records for the film with the highest profit-to-cost percentage.

    The Purge


    In Purge, writer and director James DeMonaco created the perfect plot for a crime thriller horror film. The budget invested in the making of the movie, which hit theaters in 2013, was a meager $3 million. But the reviews and audiences’ response boosted its revenue to a stupendous $89.3 million! With a story that revolves around the high crime rate in America and the government legally sanctioning criminal activities for 12 whole hours, the terror that strikes thereafter is portrayed in a horrifying real manner in the movie. The enthralling dreadfulness of the plot gripped the attention of the audience and not in a pleasant way either!



    Once is the love story of two musicians, a street guitarist and a pianist, who fall in love and create a perfect blend of tunes together. The actors, Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, are real musicians and have no prior experience in acting. But the work created by them in the movie is astounding and produced in just $150,000, this one created waves among viewers and critics alike. The movie raked in whopping returns of $20,710,513 and also received an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

    The Blair Witch Project


    The Blair Witch Project is a transfixing horror story of three student filmmakers who mysteriously disappeared in Maryland while on a trip to film a documentary. Their video footage was recovered after a year and the recording is not just eerie but absolutely bloodcurdling! Written and directed by Daniel Myrick, the movie was made on a budget of $60,000. But the massively positive reviews earned the movie its $248 million revenue.

    Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels


    This 1998 British crime comedy gained critical acclaim due to its outstanding hilarious plot. The film is also said to have emerged as the project that made director Guy Ritchie internationally famous. Scripted and directed by Ritchie, the movie tells the story of a heist to rob a smalltime gang. The heist turns comic when the number of gangs, interested in making some easy money by robbing each other, increases. The budget used in the making of the film was $1.35 million, but the revenue it generated worldwide was a phenomenal $28.35 million.
    All the movies on this list have gone all out to prove the fact that not every successful movie needs to be created with a monstrous budget, a monumental location or a cast of legendary actors. These Top 10 Low Budget Movies that were Huge Hits were appreciated by viewers and critics alike due to their originality and creativity and the fact that they were epics created with a relatively shoestring budget!


    Who Raises AIDS Medication By 5500%? This Guy.

    A former hedge fund financier has stirred Internet outrage after purchasing the rights to a drug used for treating AIDS patients and hiking the prices overnight by a whopping 5500% from $13.50 to $750 per pill. Martin Shkreli, who is a former hedge fund manager and the current CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, bought the rights to Daraprim over a month ago for $55 million and has now changed the prices in an atrocious manner.
    Since the announcement, the 32-year-old former wolf of Wall Street has received severe backlash from every corner, especially considering that the drug is used to treat a life-threatening infection and is majorly depended on by AIDS patients including infants who are already struggling with the dangerous disease.
    However, in his always-defiance stance, Shkreli told reporters that the price hike was to keep his company in business and turn a profit on the drug. He did not care, not for a second that the bizarre price hike would not only cost more lives, but would have AIDS patients spending thousands of dollars annually to afford the 62-year-old drug, which costs around $1 to produce.

    Justifying his company’s disgraceful move to hike the prices, Shkreli went on to say that AIDS patients use the Daraprim drug for less than 12 months and the new price was just in line with any other drug used to treat such rare diseases. He went on to suggest that the decision was a great business move that would not only benefit his company, but all the stakeholders in the industry.
    Critics have been on Shkreli’s neck for his controversial business move with many pointing out that this illogical decision would put many babies and people with compromised immune systems including AIDS and cancer patients at high risk. For instance, a heated exchange ensued between Fierce Biotech editor John Carroll and Shkreli, who did not properly justify his company’s move, but rather chose to call Carroll a ‘moron who is irrelevant and doesn’t think logically’. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also weighed on the matter strongly criticizing the price hike and even calling it ‘outrageous’.
    While many people are urging Shkreli to rethink the new pricing structure to this important drug, it remains to be seen what action would be taken against Shkreli, considering that he had been forced out of the last drug company he founded, Retrophin, just for the same reason, buying important drugs and increasing their prices absurdly.


    Top 10 PC Games Of The 1990’s

    This era saw the rise of the internet and the world of games along with it. We look at the top ten titles that gamers of the 90’s were obsessed with. Get ready for the ride into 90’s nostalgia!

    Number 10 — Star Wars: TIE Fighter – 1994

    This awesome space flight simulator can be played for hours on end. Wing Commander is a close tie for this spot but nothing could beat the fun foray into the virtual sky that is TIE Fighters is, you fight for the evil Galactic Empire. The scenario is innovative and engaging and has gameplay to match. Fast paced and exciting, this game could have you battling it out into space for hours.

    Number 9 — Civilization – 1991

    Designed by Sid Meier’s turn-based strategy game went on to become the most beloved franchises in all of PC gaming, it all started out with the first title. The player takes charge of a small civilization, which you need to build into an empire, all the while competing with other civilizations. You used diplomacy and warfare to forge your way ahead. It is both addictive and fun.

    Number 8 — Quake 2 – 1991

    The most seminal titles in FPs. You can play as single-player mode or multi-player mode. The multi-player mode was so popular that it went on to become the first official e-sport.

    Number 7 — System Shock 2 – 1991

    Designed by the acclaimed designer of the modern Bioshock series, this game had a suspenseful story line that had an amazing way to keep you immersed in its world. You play as a lone soldier exploring a starship where something seems eerily wrong. The gameplay combines FPS and RPG elements and a sense of foreboding. All this make the game an excellent precursor to modern RPGs we all love.

    Number 6 — Grim Fandango – 1998

    Considered by many as the funniest game ever made, Grim Fandango is compared to other titles such as Lucas Arts Monkey Island series. You play as the protagonist, a death travel agent called Manny Calvera, who has to travel throughout the land of the dead hoping to save a few souls. The game includes a cast of extremely wacky characters. The dialogue is clever and witty and the game is full of brain-teasers and puzzles that will challenge your mind. A modern remake of this game is also in the making, so Grim Fandango will enjoy the love of another generation of gamers.

    Number 5 — Myst – 1993

    This is a puzzle-filled adventure game. You journey through an island called Myst, trying to figure out what is going on; in the process you encounter a ton of puzzles that challenge your skills. Be prepared to spend hours trying to figure out how to get through, this is definitely not an easy game.

    Number 4 — Diablo – 1993

    An RPG focused on two things, hacking and slashing. It stepped away from turn-based combat; Diablo allows the violence to unfold in real-time. Explore dungeons and defeat monsters, you can pick up the items that spawn randomly, so multiple play-through can be rewarding.

    Number 3 — Doom – 1991

    Doom was an FPS that came onto the scene as a technical milestone. The gameplay was amazingly fast for that era and had a hyper-violent gameplay. Doom became synonymous with FPS. The FPS games that came later on were often called Doom-clones.

    Number 2 — Half-Life – 1998

    This proved to be a revolution in FPS gaming. It featured an amazing storyline, told innovatively. It features a remarkable variety of weapons and environments that could be enjoyed for hours and hours.

    Number 1 — StarCraft – 1998

    The best of any RTS or any other genre in PC games of the 90’s era, StarCraft involved three factions that played independently and were equal in the hands of skilled player. It is a military science fiction RTS. The game makes you play in three different roles. The mission briefings are detailed and the story is incredibly captivating.



    Girlfriend Ruins Elaborate Promposal!

    The prom is one of the biggest events in the lives of youngsters and the hype driving it has come a long way today. While the day itself is extravagantly planned, making sure every detail is in place, the proposal to your partner for the night has also gained prominence over the last few years.
    So when an enthusiastic boyfriend planned a perfect promposal for his girlfriend, he thought this would be an amazing way to ask her out to the prom. Unfortunately, what came his way was the exact opposite!

    Daniel Pena, in his bid to ask his girlfriend Alex to prom, planted signs along the road each sign carrying the words “Alex”, “Will”, “You”, “Marry”, “LOL JK”, “Go To”, “Prom”, “With” and finally, “Me”.
    Well, a romantic Daniel began his drive with Alex by his side, hoping it would end with his girl completely impressed with the move.
    Only, it started out all wrong.
    Alex almost missed the first sign with her name on it and barely caught it, guessing it was meant for someone named Lee.
    Then, her reactions to the rest of the signs were nothing short of nasty. “That’s a shitty way to ask someone to prom,” Alex said once the signs had all gone by. Wow!
    Finally, when she realized it was Daniel who had set up the promposal, she was besides herself with guilt and apologizing with all her heart, fell into a tearful fit.
    The rest of the video was of course a little awkward for both of them, with Alex crying away and Daniel looking like he was kicked hard right in the heart!
    Well, it made for a great story in the end and Alex did say yes to Daniel’s promposal eventually, so we guess we can draw some solace in the all’s well that ends well motto.
    Just a lesson for all you enthusiastic boyfriends out there – make sure your girlfriends are into this kind of thing before you put your heart and effort into it. Otherwise, she may simply call it shitty and go on her way!


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