Watch 6,000 Matches Burn At The Same Time

Sometimes when you watch videos like this, you start to wonder, where do people come up with this stuff?

Let’s hope that the people making this monstrosity, which looks like a birthday cake that consists of nothing but matches, took precaution and lit the whole thing outdoors. However, it could’ve been a garage and hopefully it wasn’t a kitchen counter. Although, the surface they placed it on looks a lot like wood.
If you happen to want to try something like this, maybe you’d like to consider a less flammable table top to put it on.
Once the first match gets lit, it’s only a matter of time before all 6,000 matches are set on fire. It’s oddly satisfying and it’s probably what a forest fire would look like from outer space. Also, by the time the fire dies down, the mess ends up looking like a burned down carpet.
The whole process takes close to 15 minutes, but it’ll definitely be time well spent. And with more than 5.6 million views, a lot of people would certainly agree!