Would You Touch This Man With HIV?

The power of touch is sometimes overwhelming. And the power of the Internet today is such that stories can touch the lives of many around the world.

In a video that is simple, beautiful, and profound in so many ways, Janne, an HIV positive man in Finland stands in a public square with two signs next to him, one in English and the other in Finnish saying, “I am HIV positive. Touch me.”
What goes down next is heartwarming. The start is slow. People go by wondering what Janne wants. One lady even seems agitated by the notion.
Slowly, people realize what Janne wants. A lady squeezes his hand. A man grips his shoulder as if to tell him he understands, and that he has his back.
The trickle turns into a steady flow of strangers showing nothing but love to Janne. Soon, it’s time for huge heartfelt hugs – and just like that, you realize the world is still a good place, with good people in it.
The acts of kindness and support touch Janne like never before. This simple act brought tears to Janne’s eyes, and we’re sure it will touch your heart too.
So ask yourself – would you have ignored Janne? Or gave him a touch to show him that he still matters?