This Man Gets Into A Fist Fight With A Monkey!!

A video emerged over the weekend of a man getting into a vicious brawl with a wild monkey. The clip showed the scrap between the man and monkey coming after the primate had urinated on the seat of the man’s motorbike, something that did not go down well with the owner.
The video, which is believed to have been shot over a week ago in the Thai province of Chachoengsao, began when the cheeky, but seemingly harmless monkey, perched on top of the bright red motorbike. That is until the man is infuriated when he realizes that the monkey has urinated on the seat of the motorbike before proceeding to bite it. He throws his shoe at the monkey in show of disgust, but the creature retaliates and flies into an uncontrollable rage.

The monkey instantly leaps off the motorbike and attacks the man before their pair began throwing punches at each other in a heated exchange. The flurry of punches escalates when the man takes a kick at the monkey as they roll on the ground at the edge of a river. Even though it has been reported that neither the man nor the monkey was injured, many would not agree with that view. This is because the madness continues as the man and the monkey roll in the dirt with the man throwing a handful of dirt at the monkey, perhaps hoping that it would help him win the fight against this spirited creature.
The man is apparently seen tossing the primate into the water, but it’s not yet clear who came out the winner. This is obviously a spirited and heated exchange that would not sit well with animal rights activists. The person taking the video finds it hilarious though!
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