The Cutest And Most Unusual Group Of Friends!

The Internet is always loaded with some of the most heartwarming stories and a recent post on social media has caught the attention of viewers all over the world.
Most dog lovers would know firsthand just how friendly and loyal their pets are. Of course, some dogs may chase cars and growl at the mailman and others may love to chase cats up trees. However, most dogs tend to have the human quality of being protective about loved ones.

This story comes to us from an adorable golden retriever named Bob. Bob is as friendly as any dog can get and he is the largest of all the other pets who share his human’s home and even then, he treats his friends with love and adoration.
Who are Bob’s little friends? Well, a furry hamster and eight little birds make up that list!
Bob has won the hearts of fans with the cute pictures of him posing with his little friends that have been posted on Instagram.
His pictures have received thousands of likes and comments, and his fan following is steadily on the rise, just like his level of cuteness!
So, if you’re feeling low and are looking for something to make you smile, you just have to log onto Instagram and check out these adorable pictures among which Bob has even posed with the cutest straw hat and scarf!

There are even pictures of this unusual group of friends taking naps and sunbaths together.

The hamster seems to love Bob’s wet little nose and climbs up his muzzle while Bob patiently watches on. Just plain adorable!

While the golden retriever seems to enjoy every moment of his life, Bob is willing to pose for the camera. His furry and feathered friends have also been captured while they’re out in the open, playing together under the sun.

Indoors, Bob’s human has had his pictures printed on comfy pillows that Bob loves to relax on too!

Well, don’t we just love happy families like this one!