Teen Making Snapchat Video Captures Plane Crash

Sitting inside her home in Akron, Ohio, on Tuesday afternoon, a teenage girl did not have the slightest idea that her next video would capture the moment a plane slams into a row of houses just next to hers. The teenage girl was doing what many teenagers do in their free time – posing for a Snapchat video – before turning to her right only to be hit by a flash of immense light filling her cell phone screen.

A small plane had just struck nearby houses killing at least nine people and causing massive damage. The plane struck a two-story complex before bursting into flames, to the shock of the teenage girl. Authorities believe that the plane had clipped electrical and telephone wires as it was approaching Akron Fulton Airport. The owner of the plane later confirmed that the pilot, co-pilot and seven passengers all perished in the unfortunate crash. It is still unclear whether there were more victims involved in the crash.
Fire extinguishers from the Akron Fire Department later arrived on scene to extinguish the fire and check inside the building. It has since been reported that all the building’s occupants have been accounted for. A witness, who was riding his bike nearby when the plane crashed into the building confirmed that the plane appeared to have clipped an electrical wire as it was trying to descend for its landing. He said that the plane seemed to be flying extremely low before crashing into the building and causing a huge fireball.
The teenager had the opportunity to capture the terrifying and unfortunate incident on her cell phone and could be heard exclaiming and screaming in utter shock. While the clip does not show the exact crash, the flash of light that appears in front of the girl shows how extreme the crash might have been.