Straight Friend Asks Gay Friend To Prom

We hunt down inspirational stories from all over the world so we can bring them to you and sometimes, even we are surprised at how they can come from the most unexpected areas!
The prom season has teenagers all over America going crazy over who they’ll take as their prom date, and what they’ll wear on this special day. Of course, when it comes to the gay community, the problem of finding someone to go with gets a little more difficult.
Anthony Martinez, from a Las Vegas high school, had this predicament troubling him and this was the message he sent out through Twitter.

While he was getting ready to simply show up at the prom alone, his good friend Jacob Lescenski asked him if he would be his prom date.
It sounds like just another run-of-the-mill story of just another prom date problem solved, right? Not really. What makes this story extraordinary is the fact that Jacob is straight! And he did it in style too. He didn’t just drop a note to Anthony or text him. He elaborately went through the routine of preparing a huge banner for his friend and made sure everyone knew he was asking his gay friend to be his prom date!
Here’s Anthony sharing the great news – and an image of the amazing banner that Jacob made for him – with everyone.

The story has now reached the farthest corners of the Internet and both Jacob and Anthony are receiving loving messages from everyone – congratulating them on their beautiful friendship that goes beyond the usual hiccups that different sexual orientations seem to bring.
Jacob of course, in Anthony’s own words, is being hailed as “a real man,” not allowing Anthony’s sexuality to come between a friendship that not only rocks, but also shows the way to all those around! The duo later posted a message thanking everyone for all the support that came their way.


Well done guys!