Just A Boy And His Pet Duck!
[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”RhMvbwn7aKpqBTm27lXSLldAtrh0LtK4″] When little Jonny meets Nibbles the duck, you’ll hear loads of quacks. Don’t worry, it’s only the friendly duck telling Jonny how ... Read More
Damn Nature, You Scary!
[contextly_auto_sidebar] If you forgot how scary alligators can be, here’s a little reminder.   Not only do these reptiles (when fully grown) pose a threat to birds, deer, and humans, even other ... Read More
Love Has No Labels!
[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”BfgJZMnZvOT2TAFeleoNpBnq650YH0up”] Love has a voice that surpasses the boundaries of race, religion, sex and age. Here’s a video that shows you just that. With a ... Read More
Would You Touch This Man With HIV?
The power of touch is sometimes overwhelming. And the power of the Internet today is such that stories can touch the lives of many around the world.   [contextly_auto_sidebar ... Read More
Marlana VanHoose Moves Stadium In Game 6
[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”BOM7zF84eE7OXsq2IIBCFOZBx4Anj4XA”] Stephen Curry and his teammates may have rocked the court in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, helping the Golden State Warriors to their ... Read More
Terre Des Femmes Ad Campaign Goes Viral
[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”Uq3dCKS4FTsNSsJdiyHauQM2ibSvGsTt”] An amazing ad campaign, telling the world how a woman’s worth should never be decided based on the clothes she wears, has gone ... Read More