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Dog Climbs UP A Ladder Like A BOSS
Is there anything else more astonishing and grand than having to witness a dog climbing up a ladder like a professional roofer? If miracles were possible during the B.C period, then this pit bull is ... Read More
Kissing Strangers? Harder Than It Looks!
If a random and beautiful looking girl came up to you asking for help with an address, would you help? Most would, but what if while you were giving her directions, she puckered up her lips, and brought ... Read More
Just A Boy And His Pet Duck!
When little Jonny meets Nibbles the duck, you’ll hear loads of quacks. Don’t worry, it’s only the friendly duck telling Jonny how much it loves him!   In a video that’s been circulating around the ... Read More
Damn Nature, You Scary!
If you forgot how scary alligators can be, here’s a little reminder.   Not only do these reptiles (when fully grown) pose a threat to birds, deer, and humans, even other alligators are not safe ... Read More