Cop Manhandles Drunk College Kids!
[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”NBK6idaYQ0zzS2Qph2ZonRFEVASz4Lgx”] So you think you’ve seen it all as far as police action is concerned? Once you’ve watched this video, you truly will have!   ... Read More
Heartbreaking Image Of Doctor Goes Viral
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Hello World! I’m Kit Kardashian!
Nope, that’s not a typo you see there. We just want you to get acquainted with the Kim Kardashian of cats, Kit Kardashian!   This tabby from Surrey, thanks to her prominent derriere – like ... Read More
Big Cats Love Their Playing Time Too!
If you thought only kittens and cats loved their playtime sessions, these big cats will prove you wrong. These otherwise fierce and powerful animals have a side to them that’s just as cute as those ... Read More