Meet The World’s Hottest Math Teacher!

You remember how as a student you always had crushes on your teachers? Well, here’s a math teacher who can push the crush quotient to insane levels!

Pietro Boselli teaches math at the University of London and recently, his students found out that their teacher – who they anyways thought was the hottest one around anyway, was actually doubling up as a model! The 25-year old, who holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, was discovered by Georgio Armani and his hot photographs on his Instagram account have earned him more than 468,000 followers (and growing!).
The Italian hunk has a rippled body to die for and when he’s not teaching his students the intricacies of math, he sure looks like he spends all his free time at the gym! Now that his secret is out, he’s simply taking it all in. “There have been Facebook posts and even some fan pages, but never to this scale, never to the viral scale,” he says about his story.
The perfect embodiment of brains and brawn, Boselli keeps it simple that way, knowing that both are equally important. “Both aspects are very important to my life. Fitness motivates me on the off days. I think both parts are complementary,” he says.
Well, one thing’s for sure. Now that his story is out in the open, a lot more students will now be signing up for his lectures!

At the agency today 🙂 @models_1uk

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London roof terrace

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What do you train for?

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