Ed Sheeran’s A Wedding Singer!

The next time there’s a wedding in your family, there’s quite a good chance that Ed Sheeran might sing a song for the couple’s first dance. Of course, the newlyweds’ story needs to be as special as that of Kya and Matt Debono!

It all began when Kya and Matt were invited over to the Kyle and Jackie O’s show on the Australian radio channel KIIS 1065. The couple had shared their dream of having a dream wedding, a dream that they had eventually decided would never come true – until Kyle and Jackie surprised them by gifting them an $80,000 wedding! Thanks to the radio channel and the radio stars’ connections, the Sydney Bridal Expo said they’d pick up the tab for the wedding that even included a $10,000 honeymoon!

But wait, there’s more!

On the day of the wedding, as the happy couple readied themselves for their first dance as husband and wife to the tune of Thinking Out Loud, in walked Kyle and Jackie, announcing that they had another surprise in store.

And the surprise was none other than Ed Sheeran! The dreamy singer walked in to make the special day even more memorable and went on to sing a beautiful rendition of the song of their choice.

The acoustic execution was bang on and Sheeran’s enigmatic yet shy demeanor simply made it even more of a treat!

There were tears all around and before you watch the video, get those tissues out too!