Dog Stays With Trapped Canine Friend For A Week

A dog epitomized the real meaning of true friendship when she chose to stand guard with a fellow canine who had been trapped in a ravine for a week. The dog duo had been reported missing by their owners in Vashon Island in Washington State and when they did not report back, the owners feared for the worst. The two dogs had been missing for close to seven days before being discovered in the woods by a walker who reported the matter to the Vashon Island Pet Protectors (VIPP), who in turn helped the trapped dog and her faithful friend to safety.

The trapped dog, a Basset hound named Phoebe, and her dutifully watchful and faithful friend, a Setter mix named Tillie, had gone missing on September 8th without a trace. But when the reddish dog, Tillie, was seen coming up to the residents of the private forest before disappearing into the woods, VIPP got wind that something was amiss and they were indeed right. This non-profit animal rescue organization had been posting on their various social media sites about the missing dogs for several days and their incredible work paid off. They got word that Phoebe, the trapped dog, and Tillie who decided to wait until help came, had been in the woods.
Volunteers from VIPP took swift action, followed Tillie and after searching for some time, heard the sweet sounds they had been waiting for a week. Tillie had her head resting on the cement wall of an old reservoir while Phoebe was alive and perched atop the rubble inside the reservoir; thus helping her stay out of water. The heartwarming moment saw the heroine of this whole story Tillie, waiting by her friend’s side until help came, save for the few moments she would go to seek for help. If human beings would be as faithful to each other as Tillie was to Phoebe, then the world would truly be a better place.

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