Dog Climbs UP A Ladder Like A BOSS

Is there anything else more astonishing and grand than having to witness a dog climbing up a ladder like a professional roofer? If miracles were possible during the B.C period, then this pit bull is testimony enough that miracles are still possible in the 21st century. The pit bull may not be your average roofer, but the way he goes about his business would make many professionals proud of perhaps being a role model to man’s best friend.
They always say that man’s best friends are a dedicated lot that would go to incredible heights to make their owners proud. If there’s any truth in this, then this clip is proof. Whether it’s trained or just out of sheer instincts and talent, this canine takes the ladder in his stride and perfectly. He slowly and carefully takes on the ladder’s eight rungs to get to the top of the family’s house.

Dogs are known for their courageous feats. From chasing bears from a home compound to saving little children, dogs are acknowledged for their incredible exploits. Nevertheless, this latest accomplishment ranks up there with the amazing feats of our canine friends. The clip even goes further to show that dogs are strong, intelligent and curious to say the least.
Even though climbing a ladder for the fear of height may be quite a challenge to many of us, this cute canine goes about climbing the ladder in incredible fashion. His ascent appears to be almost cut short by when he temporarily puts his paw into an empty space, but recovers magnificently as he wriggles his muscled body to finish the climb up.
This priceless video ends with the dog reaching the rooftop and behaves in a manner likely to suggest that it wants to climb back down. You may have seen a video of the same dog climbing down the ladder, but it’s probably just this video replayed backwards.