Girlfriend Ruins Elaborate Promposal!

The prom is one of the biggest events in the lives of youngsters and the hype driving it has come a long way today. While the day itself is extravagantly planned, making sure every detail is in place, the proposal to your partner for the night has also gained prominence over the last few years.
So when an enthusiastic boyfriend planned a perfect promposal for his girlfriend, he thought this would be an amazing way to ask her out to the prom. Unfortunately, what came his way was the exact opposite!

Daniel Pena, in his bid to ask his girlfriend Alex to prom, planted signs along the road each sign carrying the words “Alex”, “Will”, “You”, “Marry”, “LOL JK”, “Go To”, “Prom”, “With” and finally, “Me”.
Well, a romantic Daniel began his drive with Alex by his side, hoping it would end with his girl completely impressed with the move.
Only, it started out all wrong.
Alex almost missed the first sign with her name on it and barely caught it, guessing it was meant for someone named Lee.
Then, her reactions to the rest of the signs were nothing short of nasty. “That’s a shitty way to ask someone to prom,” Alex said once the signs had all gone by. Wow!
Finally, when she realized it was Daniel who had set up the promposal, she was besides herself with guilt and apologizing with all her heart, fell into a tearful fit.
The rest of the video was of course a little awkward for both of them, with Alex crying away and Daniel looking like he was kicked hard right in the heart!
Well, it made for a great story in the end and Alex did say yes to Daniel’s promposal eventually, so we guess we can draw some solace in the all’s well that ends well motto.
Just a lesson for all you enthusiastic boyfriends out there – make sure your girlfriends are into this kind of thing before you put your heart and effort into it. Otherwise, she may simply call it shitty and go on her way!


  • Emily Endrizzi

    I didn’t realize you had to ask your girlfriend to prom. When I was in HS it was just like “we’re going” and that was the end of it. Sure, if you weren’t already in a relationship you would need to ask, but not if you were already dating. How old is that guy anyway? He looks like he’s about 22 or so. I actually felt worse for that girl. She obviously felt terrible and I could totally see myself doing the same thing. I am always saying things without thinking.