Boy Solves Two Rubik’s Cubes At The Same Time!

As anybody would admit, getting a video to be watched 19 million times online is no small feat. That goes a long way to indicate just how incredibly one young Asian boy is skillfully talented. He was able to put his skills to use and solve two Rubik’s cubes, one with his hand and the other with his feet to leave the entire crowd in utter disbelief.

This young boy may not be the reigning Rubik’s cube champion who holds the record of solving the puzzle in less than six seconds, but nonetheless, his incredible skills cannot be in doubt. In this one-of-a-kind clip captured from a game show in Asia, the boy shows his amazing skills in front of shocked judges and audience, who can’t help but applaud.

Starting off, the boy is seen sitting on stage and manages to solve the first Rubik’s cube using only his left hand. That alone would be a challenge to many people, but he does it with ease and within twenty seconds. The judges and the audience are so impressed, but the next trick up this young boy’s sleeves makes every jaw in the audience drop.
He starts two other cubes, one with his left hand and the other with his feet and solves them at the same time! At this point, the judges are seen in utter shock and can’t do anything but just shake their heads and look at the clock. On the other hand, the crowd joins with joyous claps while others have their hands over their mouths as the boy goes about solving the puzzle with lightening speed.
After about 60 seconds, the boy solves both the cubes and raises his hands as the crowd show massive support through numerous cheers.