Bike Thieves Get Treated To Swift And Hard Justice

Many people have always complained that delayed justice is justice denied. However in this instance, justice is served in hard-hitting fashion and speedy manner. These would-be bicycle thieves were certainly treated to instant, humiliating and painful justice after falling for a trick set up by pranksters in Brazil.

The clip shows thieves attempting to make away with an unlocked bicycle left by a tree not knowing that the bike’s rear wheel is actually tied by a rope on the tree. As the first crook tries to cycle off on the bike, he surprisingly and unknowingly comes to a sudden halt in his tracks, thanks to the rope. The impact sees the would-be thief fly over the handrails and land painfully, face first on the ground. A man is then seen emerging and chasing down the thief who runs for his freedom, perhaps to escape another humiliating justice.
The fate was also shared by the second and third thieves who were completely oblivious that the bike was held back by a rope. While they all appear to escape, the way they fall in almost a similar face first way serves as enough justice.
The video, which was uploaded on YouTube by pranksters who call themselves OS Primitivos, was been viewed more than two million times in less than 48 hours. It’s hilarious!