6-Year-Old’s Plea To Divorcing Parents Goes Viral

A video of tiny little girl making a heartfelt plea for her divorced parents to sort their differences and become friends has gone viral after it was uploaded to Facebook. Little Tiana’s three-minute video has been viewed more than 9 million times since it was uploaded by her mother, Cherish Sherry on her Facebook page.
After listening to her parents argue, the adorable six-year-old Tiana pulled her mom aside for a pep talk. While sitting on the stairs, Tiana pleads with her mom to settle the differences between her and dad to become friends. The eye-opening advice from Tiana is not only moving, but so honest that would drive any divorcing parent to tears.

The video begins with Tiana asking her mother, “Mom, are you ready to be his friend?” She then goes on to offer loads of advice that purely shows that she is so wise for her age even suggesting, “If I can be nice, I think all of us can be nice too.”
Her gesticulation while speaking are incredible and probably used to drive the point home to her mom, who can be heard exclaiming, “Oh my God!” As she movingly pleads with her mom, Tiana goes on to say, “I do not want you and my dad to be replaced and meanies again, I want you two to be placed and settled and be friends.” Tiana goes on to tell her mom that she does not want anything else, but everyone to be friends and to be smiling. The heart-wrenching video ends with Cherish thanking Tiana and telling her that she loves her before they hug and kiss.
Cherish later wrote on her Facebook page that the little pep talk brought her to tears and was a wake-up call that made her feel terribly guilty after fighting with her ex-husband. Even though sometimes we’re mean to our better halves, this must-see video shows that sometimes we have to bite the bullet and get on with things in a nice and civil way, especially for the kids.