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Courtney Barnes Goes Viral, Then Gets Arrested

Courtney Barnes first hit the limelight when he auditioned for the popular dance show So You Think You Can Dance over several seasons. That didn’t work out well for him, although Barnes did astonish everyone with his dancing skills.
However, being at the right place at the right time helped Barnes get another shot at glory, and this time on the Internet, all through his extremely colorful description of a police car chase that ended in a crash. Of course, his colorful attire and striking features, complete with green hair, green nail polish, and the mono brows helped too.

The video went viral and soon enough, Barnes was an Internet sensation!
While Barnes was only beginning to enjoy the attention his video was getting, and maybe thinking of ways on how to make the most of the opportunity, his video caught the attention of a shop owner in Mississippi who immediately recognized the man in the video as the one who had been caught shoplifting by his store’s CCTV cameras.
Soon enough, Barnes was arrested by Mississippi police and apart from charges of shoplifting, also faced charges of contempt of court and parking tickets and other traffic fines amounting to $1600.
Barnes did issue an apology to his new legion of fans through his Instagram account, telling them that he was sorry for his mistakes and that “it will all work out for the better.”

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Who Raises AIDS Medication By 5500%? This Guy.

A former hedge fund financier has stirred Internet outrage after purchasing the rights to a drug used for treating AIDS patients and hiking the prices overnight by a whopping 5500% from $13.50 to $750 per pill. Martin Shkreli, who is a former hedge fund manager and the current CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, bought the rights to Daraprim over a month ago for $55 million and has now changed the prices in an atrocious manner.
Since the announcement, the 32-year-old former wolf of Wall Street has received severe backlash from every corner, especially considering that the drug is used to treat a life-threatening infection and is majorly depended on by AIDS patients including infants who are already struggling with the dangerous disease.
However, in his always-defiance stance, Shkreli told reporters that the price hike was to keep his company in business and turn a profit on the drug. He did not care, not for a second that the bizarre price hike would not only cost more lives, but would have AIDS patients spending thousands of dollars annually to afford the 62-year-old drug, which costs around $1 to produce.

Justifying his company’s disgraceful move to hike the prices, Shkreli went on to say that AIDS patients use the Daraprim drug for less than 12 months and the new price was just in line with any other drug used to treat such rare diseases. He went on to suggest that the decision was a great business move that would not only benefit his company, but all the stakeholders in the industry.
Critics have been on Shkreli’s neck for his controversial business move with many pointing out that this illogical decision would put many babies and people with compromised immune systems including AIDS and cancer patients at high risk. For instance, a heated exchange ensued between Fierce Biotech editor John Carroll and Shkreli, who did not properly justify his company’s move, but rather chose to call Carroll a ‘moron who is irrelevant and doesn’t think logically’. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also weighed on the matter strongly criticizing the price hike and even calling it ‘outrageous’.
While many people are urging Shkreli to rethink the new pricing structure to this important drug, it remains to be seen what action would be taken against Shkreli, considering that he had been forced out of the last drug company he founded, Retrophin, just for the same reason, buying important drugs and increasing their prices absurdly.


Girlfriend Ruins Elaborate Promposal!

The prom is one of the biggest events in the lives of youngsters and the hype driving it has come a long way today. While the day itself is extravagantly planned, making sure every detail is in place, the proposal to your partner for the night has also gained prominence over the last few years.
So when an enthusiastic boyfriend planned a perfect promposal for his girlfriend, he thought this would be an amazing way to ask her out to the prom. Unfortunately, what came his way was the exact opposite!

Daniel Pena, in his bid to ask his girlfriend Alex to prom, planted signs along the road each sign carrying the words “Alex”, “Will”, “You”, “Marry”, “LOL JK”, “Go To”, “Prom”, “With” and finally, “Me”.
Well, a romantic Daniel began his drive with Alex by his side, hoping it would end with his girl completely impressed with the move.
Only, it started out all wrong.
Alex almost missed the first sign with her name on it and barely caught it, guessing it was meant for someone named Lee.
Then, her reactions to the rest of the signs were nothing short of nasty. “That’s a shitty way to ask someone to prom,” Alex said once the signs had all gone by. Wow!
Finally, when she realized it was Daniel who had set up the promposal, she was besides herself with guilt and apologizing with all her heart, fell into a tearful fit.
The rest of the video was of course a little awkward for both of them, with Alex crying away and Daniel looking like he was kicked hard right in the heart!
Well, it made for a great story in the end and Alex did say yes to Daniel’s promposal eventually, so we guess we can draw some solace in the all’s well that ends well motto.
Just a lesson for all you enthusiastic boyfriends out there – make sure your girlfriends are into this kind of thing before you put your heart and effort into it. Otherwise, she may simply call it shitty and go on her way!


Boy Solves Two Rubik’s Cubes At The Same Time!

As anybody would admit, getting a video to be watched 19 million times online is no small feat. That goes a long way to indicate just how incredibly one young Asian boy is skillfully talented. He was able to put his skills to use and solve two Rubik’s cubes, one with his hand and the other with his feet to leave the entire crowd in utter disbelief.

This young boy may not be the reigning Rubik’s cube champion who holds the record of solving the puzzle in less than six seconds, but nonetheless, his incredible skills cannot be in doubt. In this one-of-a-kind clip captured from a game show in Asia, the boy shows his amazing skills in front of shocked judges and audience, who can’t help but applaud.

Starting off, the boy is seen sitting on stage and manages to solve the first Rubik’s cube using only his left hand. That alone would be a challenge to many people, but he does it with ease and within twenty seconds. The judges and the audience are so impressed, but the next trick up this young boy’s sleeves makes every jaw in the audience drop.
He starts two other cubes, one with his left hand and the other with his feet and solves them at the same time! At this point, the judges are seen in utter shock and can’t do anything but just shake their heads and look at the clock. On the other hand, the crowd joins with joyous claps while others have their hands over their mouths as the boy goes about solving the puzzle with lightening speed.
After about 60 seconds, the boy solves both the cubes and raises his hands as the crowd show massive support through numerous cheers.


This Dancer Rocks Uptown Funk At TITP Festival

Dance like you would if no one was watching goes the old saying. Well, at the T in the Park Festival in Scotland, a young dancer definitely took this to heart and rocked out to Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk.
His name is Fred Rawicz, and no, he did not particularly impress the gathered crowds with his moves, nor did his routine look like the ones of any professional dancer.
So why was his seemingly impromptu performance so impressive?
Just watch and you will see the utmost joy with which Fred gets into his routine and the sheer delight you can see on his face is all you need to appreciate in this one!
With people like Fred around, it sure doesn’t seem like too big a task to spread some smiles around – And don’t you just feel like dancing??



Little Toddler Dances In Heels To ‘Single Ladies’

This is, without a doubt, a brilliant performance. For a toddler to put on such a display in her mom’s high heels is nothing but pure amazement. The heartwarming clip shows a cute little toddler taking her talent up on the face of her favorite singer, Beyonce. She stands in front of the television while the Texas-born singer does her thing by blasting out her record hit, ‘Single Ladies’.
The little girl puts on a remarkable performance as she parades around in an adorable and talented way while putting on a pair of her mom’s high heels, perhaps to complete Bey’s video looks. The clip commences with the toddler giving a quick twist before moving closer to the television so as to study and copy Beyonce’s exact moves in a detailed manner.

With her confidence, she seems to be so used to the heels in a manner that would leave many grown up ladies jealous of her incredible agility. The six inch heels appear to be no problem to her as she shows off her sweet dance moves. Her dress code may not be up to the glamour of Beyonce, but her blue and white all-in-one still works perfectly for her and goes a long way in showing that she is definitely a fast learner.
She flawlessly swings from side to side while there appear to be moments that you would misjudge that the oversized high heels might be her downfall, but that doesn’t come to fruition as she maintains incredible balance. When Beyonce waves her hand to the lyrics, the toddler is not left behind as she also moves in the same way.
The video, which was posted by a Facebook group based in Brazil, has garnered more than 10 million views and shows just how amazing this little toddler is incredibly good at doing her thing, albeit in super-sized high heels.

Que gracinha. ^_^

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Straight Friend Asks Gay Friend To Prom

We hunt down inspirational stories from all over the world so we can bring them to you and sometimes, even we are surprised at how they can come from the most unexpected areas!
The prom season has teenagers all over America going crazy over who they’ll take as their prom date, and what they’ll wear on this special day. Of course, when it comes to the gay community, the problem of finding someone to go with gets a little more difficult.
Anthony Martinez, from a Las Vegas high school, had this predicament troubling him and this was the message he sent out through Twitter.

While he was getting ready to simply show up at the prom alone, his good friend Jacob Lescenski asked him if he would be his prom date.
It sounds like just another run-of-the-mill story of just another prom date problem solved, right? Not really. What makes this story extraordinary is the fact that Jacob is straight! And he did it in style too. He didn’t just drop a note to Anthony or text him. He elaborately went through the routine of preparing a huge banner for his friend and made sure everyone knew he was asking his gay friend to be his prom date!
Here’s Anthony sharing the great news – and an image of the amazing banner that Jacob made for him – with everyone.

The story has now reached the farthest corners of the Internet and both Jacob and Anthony are receiving loving messages from everyone – congratulating them on their beautiful friendship that goes beyond the usual hiccups that different sexual orientations seem to bring.
Jacob of course, in Anthony’s own words, is being hailed as “a real man,” not allowing Anthony’s sexuality to come between a friendship that not only rocks, but also shows the way to all those around! The duo later posted a message thanking everyone for all the support that came their way.


Well done guys!

Scott Sterling, The Best Goalkeeper In The Game!

Studio C brings us a soccer match to determine the winners of the 2014 Men’s College Cup.

At the end of regulation, the Yale Bulldogs and the UNC Tar Heels are forced to decide the outcome on a penalty kick shootout – and it’s one of hte most epic shootouts you will ever see!

Yale takes an early 1-0 lead in the shootout and in comes Scott Sterling to try to hold the fort. “The Cannon” unleashes a 116 km/h howitzer, but is no match for Sterling’s prowess. After Yale misses on the next kick of their own, UNC is stopped once again by Sterling’s face – and this shot clocked in at 129 km/h!

By now, Sterling is in no shape to continue. When Yale misses their next attempt, guess who’s back in net? That’s right – good ol’ Scott Sterling! Sterling avoids the ball at all costs, even curling up in the corner in a fetal position – and somehow still manages to keep the ball out of the goal!

Sterling’s teammates have to bring a chair for him to sit on in order to face the 4th shooter. Then the impossible happens! UNC has a wide open net and strikes a 158 km/h bullet – right into Sterling’s face!

The score stays at 1-0 and by now the commentators are beyond excited to see how Scott Sterling saves the next one. In an unbelievable twist of fate, the UNC player strikes the ball off the crossbar only to bounce back into Sterling’s face once again.


Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, Scott Sterling!

Hulk The Dog, The Really Big Dog!

When you think of a dog, what is the image that comes to mind? If you like the little ones, you would probably think of a Chihuahua, Dachshund or a Pug. If you like them slightly bigger, you would maybe think of a Beagle or a Jack Terrier. A little bigger and you might think of a Labrador Retriever or maybe a German Shepherd? And if you like them a little ferocious, or maybe at least look ferocious, then you will surely settle on a Pitbull.
Well, let us introduce you to Hulk, the pitbull that changes the very definition of a big dog. And mind you, though this guy is big, he’s as gentle as any dog can be.

Bred by Marlon and Lisa Grennan, who live on their New Hampsire farm with their toddler son of three, Jordan, Hulk is enormous. The pitbull is only 18-months old, already weighs 175 pounds, and at the rate at which he is growing, Hulk is all set to take over the title of the biggest dog in the world once he stops growing.
So how dangerous can he be? Marlon Grennan says that in line with his size, Hulk has massive strength and if something had to go wrong, he could do some serious damage. “A dog the size of the Hulk could kill someone if it was in the wrong situation at the wrong time. The power of this dog is unrivaled. If he bit down on someone’s arm with full power it would snap like a toothpick,” says Grennan.
But how gentle is he actually? Well, Jordan, the little guy of three actually rides Hulk like a horse and Hulk complies without any complaints whatsoever! He’s mellow,” says Grennan. “With these dogs it’s all about leadership and how you raise them, rules, boundaries, limits, you know.” And one look at Hulk’s sensitive eyes will tell you Grennan’s telling us the truth.
To know how cute, playful and trustworthy this giant called Hulk can be, check out these videos!


Bike Thieves Get Treated To Swift And Hard Justice

Many people have always complained that delayed justice is justice denied. However in this instance, justice is served in hard-hitting fashion and speedy manner. These would-be bicycle thieves were certainly treated to instant, humiliating and painful justice after falling for a trick set up by pranksters in Brazil.

The clip shows thieves attempting to make away with an unlocked bicycle left by a tree not knowing that the bike’s rear wheel is actually tied by a rope on the tree. As the first crook tries to cycle off on the bike, he surprisingly and unknowingly comes to a sudden halt in his tracks, thanks to the rope. The impact sees the would-be thief fly over the handrails and land painfully, face first on the ground. A man is then seen emerging and chasing down the thief who runs for his freedom, perhaps to escape another humiliating justice.
The fate was also shared by the second and third thieves who were completely oblivious that the bike was held back by a rope. While they all appear to escape, the way they fall in almost a similar face first way serves as enough justice.
The video, which was uploaded on YouTube by pranksters who call themselves OS Primitivos, was been viewed more than two million times in less than 48 hours. It’s hilarious!


Groom Goes Viral With Bollywood Wedding Song

Weddings are always great and sometimes a unique gesture makes it even more special!
When Frank Gregoire was ready to get married to his bride Simran Malhotra, he was clearly aiming for nothing short of astounding, magical, heartfelt, and just about any similar adjective in the dictionary you could think of.
Now we all know how catchy Bollywood numbers are, and yes, we also know how difficult the lyrics are even for those who are from Indian families that have settled abroad.
So when Frank decided to surprise the love of his life with a rendition of the hit song Kyunki Tum Hi Ho from the Hindi movie Aashiqui 2, he surely knew what he was getting into – and that didn’t deter him from going ahead with the plan.
On the wedding day, all of his plans were beautifully fulfilled when he impressed not only his lady love and the gathered guests, but in the span of a few days, he impressed millions over the Internet!

As for the bride? Well, she’s clearly over the moon and knows just how lucky she is to find a selfless and loving person like Frank to share her life with.
“I know Frank loves singing but never would I have imagined that he would learn a Hindi song and sing it to me at our wedding. When I first heard him sing, I just felt like I was in ‘shock’. There are no words to describe how I felt in that moment and truthfully it is probably one of those feelings I will never experience again,” said Simran, recalling her feelings when she heard Frank break into one of the most popular songs from India.
As for Frank, he jokingly says this impressive performance could lead to further trouble. “I’m sure Simran will have many requests now that she knows I am willing to learn Hindi songs,” he said.
Apart from enjoying the attention that has come their way, Simran and Frank are also encouraging others to spread some love.
“We challenge the world to make a headline news story of love and a positive message that takes precedence over all the hate, war, crime, and negativity showcased in the world,” says Frank.
We accepted the challenge and did our bit by sharing the story! We also hope this encourages everyone to go that extra mile for a loved one, knowing that love is indeed the true essence of life.


How The Internet Rallied Behind Dancing Man

The Internet may be perceived as a platform where everyone’s life is open to ridicule and shame by haters and trolls. Equally true, however, is the fact that the Internet also makes heroes and celebrities out of the ordinary.
One such ordinary man, Sean O’Brien, a Merseysider who now lives in London, experienced the lows of first being ridiculed for trying to dance, despite his weight, and then the absolute highs of loads of users and even celebrities, joining the bandwagon to make him feel amazing! He is now known as The Dancing Man!
Cassandra Banks, a writer based in California, was among the first to reach out to Sean.


Then, Sean was eventually found!




It must have been difficult to say no to 1,727 “occasionally overly enthusiastic group of young women in California” who were willing to throw a party just for him!
Apart from the outpouring of support Sean has received from those all over the world, even his close friends and family have now begun to share their stories about how special a person Sean is. It’s all overwhelming even for us so we can only imagine how wonderful Sean must be feeling!
As for the dancing side of things, Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Cheryl Burke has offered to choreograph a special piece that will make Sean look amazing.


But the fun doesn’t end there either!
A special evening has been planned for Sean and the attendees and performers will include the who’s who of the entertainment industry including Pharrell Williams, Moby, Ellie Goulding, and the list is only growing.



Apart from the idea itself, over $30,000 has been collected through the campaign – money that will go towards an anti-bullying cause.
The Los Angeles Coliseum also opted to host the party.


Now this is a feel good story if we ever heard one!

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