Updates & DLCs: Lord of The Hunt

Following the release of free content for Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, there has been an announcement for the beginning of the expansion content promised with the game’s season pass. First to be released, and the subject of today’s article, is the Lord of the Hunt. No, at the moment there hasn’t been any set date put out for the release of the content, but considering they have announced it, we can expect this to drop fairly soon. So, in the meanwhile, let’s take a look at the first expansion to this popular game.
As it stands, the DLC will feature additional story and lore content, new missions and challenges, nemeses, monsters, epic runes, character skin, and something called the Test of the Wild.

Of all the things to be added, the additional story content is probably the most anticipated of the DLC (unless you’re one of those folks who just can’t get enough outfits for your hero). The expansion of the story line will focus more of everyone’s favorite character (or, at least mine): Torvin, the witty and shirtless dwarf monster hunter. Because the Monolith team want the story to come fresh to players, they haven’t released much more information on it then it focusing on Talion aiding Torvin in taming the beasts of Mordor and fighting the forces of Sauron. However, because of the other content featured in the upcoming release, we can get a rather good idea of what to expect. Which leads us into the next big addition to the game – new monsters and nemeses.
The monsters and enemies come somewhat together, and you’ll understand why in just a moment. First, the monsters. So far, three have been confirmed: the Wretched Graug (a variant of the late-game behemoth that destroyed raiding parties without breaking a sweat) with the ability to spit a toxic vomit at its foes, the Caragath (presumably a more dangerous version of the Caragor), and ‘The Ghul Horde’. Where, the new enemies fit into this is fairly simple, they’re beast riders – or, as the game dubs them, Beastmaster Warchiefs. So, now you don’t only have to worry about an upset Graug with a bad case of food poisioning, but a few suped-up Uruks perched atop it. Maybe this will finally add some much needed balance to counteract Talion’s near god status by the end of the main quest.
Now, the only thing left that needs some clarification is the ‘Test of the Wild’ I mentioned earlier. This addition to the game isn’t something that will make the average player hemorrhage with excitement, but some of you may find it mildly interesting. This so called ‘test’ is just a fancy naming job for a leaderboard. The details of how it will rank people is somewhat unclear, but to certainly has to do with the new Beastmasters. So, again, hemorrhage if you will, it’s not for everyone. Other than that, the rest of the content bundle is fairly straight forward. The new missions and challenges give the players something to do while they wait for the next DLC release. The new epic runes are to make and already powerful Talion even more untouchable. And the character skin is to make him look more feral – maybe even something of a full-sized Torvin.
Like or dislike the game, this DLC release will see some fairly interesting content reinvigorating a game that’s been out for a decent amount of time now. Regardless of your opinion of new skins or more overpowered runes, the Lord of the Hunt ought to be worth a cursory look – even if it is just to see good ol’ shirtless Torvin again.