Upcoming Games: Star Citizen

Within the gaming community, there is this undercurrent of hopes and expectations for a new game to be the greatest open world experience of all time – something to make Skyrim look like a side quest in terms of exploration and content. They want something along the lines of a massive sand-box with limitless character and item customization, base-building potential, massive servers, and to have the entire thing populated with real players and player created organizations. Oh, and to have it be the most beautiful thing known to man. In a nutshell, we – as a community – want something that’s nearly impossible to deliver.

Granted, there have been games that have tried to take a stab at this desire – Minecraft, Day Z, and the far off H1Z1 to name a few. However, each of these, in their own way let us down in several of these requirements. Yet, despite this being something of a death-trap for game developers, there is another with plans to try to meet this nearly impossible goal: Cloud Imperium Games, with their upcoming title Star Citizen.
Before we get into what this game hopes to deliver and some of the ways they plan on trying to do that, we have to talk about what exactly makes this game any more significant than any other contender. To put it simply, it’s funding. This developing group calls no publisher master. That’s right, before Cloud Imperium went to publishers for the monetary funds to create their game, they tried for crowd funding and came out with several millions in tow. That means (apart from that this game has a huge following eagerly waiting for its eventual release) that there won’t be any publisher pushing release dates around, modifying content plans, or anything else they do that warps the final product.
Now, with that all out of the way, let’s take a look at the game itself. Star Citizen is a futuristic space fighting, adventuring, and economic simulator among a whole host of other game type tags. In the end, the team hopes to create a world (or, more specifically, a space environment) for players to take control of, build alliances and factions, create and modify ships, and generally create a world of their own. Really, there are no limits as to what one can do, if the game delivers all it promises, and this allows for players to create any type of space character they’ve had their heart set on – whether that be a captain, explorer, merchant, or even pirate (though, let’s hope that the piracy doesn’t get out of hand and ruin the game).
Since, the end game will be so massive, and the time to create that world even greater, the developers are actually running this project as two separate works. The first portion of the game will be a single player experience to aid players familiarize themselves with the environment and flight mechanics in a game the runs on a physics engine for its vehicles – an exciting prospect. The game will feature the players as a fighter pilot for a larger space craft and will serve as a story based spring-board for the second portion of the game that will be focused solely on a community, open-world experience.
In truth, this game is far to large to cover in a single 600 word article. So, if you’re interested in finding out more about what’s going on, or what to keep track of the hopeful release dates (mid-2015 for the single player game and late 2015 for the open world follow up) then head on over to the Cloud Imperium site and check it out for yourself.