Top Five Features Of The Xbox One

5. New Console, No New Problems
There’s been a lot of talk recently about video games being tethered to online-only playability. Fortunately, the Xbox One will function the same way as the previous generation. Players can buy physical copies of games, share them with their friends, and they don’t need an internet connection to play (unless they want to play online, download games or update existing ones.)
4. Memberships and accounts swap over
Gamers that already enjoy an Xbox Live Gold membership don’t have to worry about paying for another, separate membership when they pick up the Xbox One. Xbox Live Gold memberships carry over, there’s no catch. This means you can always hop on a friend’s Xbox One and sign into your own account, with all your games, preferences and apps right there and ready to go. As for that gamertag and epic gamerscore you’ve been gloating about, none of that disappears when you upgrade to the Xbox One. It all carries over.
3. So, so many features
You can run everything right through your Xbox One, so not only does it become your gaming station, it also becomes your home entertainment center. For instance, you can use Skype to voice chat with friends and even send messages to Xbox 360 consoles. You have access to dozens of premium entertainment apps, like Netflix, Hulu Plus, ESPN, FX Now, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube and plenty more. You can even arrange apps so you can switch between them on the fly, or even place them side by side so you can watch two things at once. You can rent and buy the latest movies, listen to music, watch NFL games, and even do your home workouts with the Xbox One – the all-in-one features have never been this extensive.
2. Improved technology
Ah, yes. Technology is surely making us as lazy as possible. Now, you don’t even have to bother pressing a button to turn off your Xbox One. With the improved Kinect functions, you can sign in instantly, play games with hand gestures, flip through TV channels – all with a far more responsive 1080hp capability and voice recognition. In fact, the raw hardware of the Xbox One is pretty staggering. A 500 gigabyte hard drive fixed with 8 gigabytes of RAM gives you all the room you need for games, music, movies, and so on. Plus, the 8-core x86 processor makes switching from games to TV stations seamless and extraordinarily smooth. You also get Blu-Ray.
1. Exclusive games
But let’s be honest: It’s time for the next generation of gaming. Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5: Guardians, Scalebound – these are action titles you don’t want to miss and they’re all coming out on the Xbox One. Alan Wake fans will want to check out Quantum Break, and Fable Legends is taking a refreshing turn towards co-op play. And besides the blockbusters, there’s games like Cobalt, D4 and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood… the future looks bright for the Xbox One. Jump aboard.