Top 10 Worst Video Game Reboots

A long shot away from the originals, some game reboots just don’t live up to the hype. Maybe they get more hatred because fan expectation was so high if the first game was a huge success. Whatever the reason, these game reboots did not hit the mark. Rebooting classics is not an exact science and these titles flopped badly.

1. Final Fight: Streetwise (2006)

This disappointed on many levels, the 3D visuals were sloppy and the game play seemed unnatural. It did not look anything like the old Final Fight and the AI was dub as a rock, making the gameplay flat and the opposite of fun. You will end up wishing that each fight in the game would be your final fight so the game could finally reach its end!

2. Alone in the Dark (2008)

Inspired by a game released in 1992, the original was considered a brilliant 3D horror survival game. The remake has forgotten the roots of the original. The reboot involves neither loneliness nor dark. Instead of a haunted mansion like in the original the protagonist is now in modern-day New York City. It does not feel like a horror game. The controls are fiddly and the level designs could use a major revamping. There is a ton of glitches that ruin the experience.

3. SimCity (2013)

One of the most beloved PC franchises of all, this simulation game has been enjoyed by many. This version had a major drawback, you could not play unless you were connected to the internet, and this was mostly due to the multiplayer components added in it. The build space was surprisingly small; there was not a lot you could do. As updates rolled out, the problems were patched. Now you can play offline.

4. Space Raiders (2004)

Space Invaders was probably the most influential game of all time, but the makers of this title wanted to reboot it into a dark and gritty version. They failed miserably. The classic 2D shooter did not work well as a 3D urban first person shooter. But you can only move left or right. It makes for clumsy gameplay and is best forgotten.

5. Golden Axe: Beast Rider (2008)

The original was an arcade, beat-em-up. The reboot turned it into a hack and slash full of violence. But no one was interested. The writing and story do not work very well. The creatures in the game are tough to control and the player keeps being knocked off. The hit-detection is quite poor, the enemies repeat and the environment gets boring quickly.

6. Bionic Commando (2009)

This game altered the protagonist into an unrecognizable character and created a game plot with bizarre twists. In one absurd turn, the player’s mechanical arm turns out to be his missing wife! It is full of ridiculous and stupid details like these. There are unmarked invisible walls and the movements are quite repetitive.

7. Shadowrun (2007)

This was a huge mess of an idea. The original was a classic cyberpunk RPG which was rebooted and turned into a multiplayer only FPS. This did not work at any level. The game does not have leader board or stat tracking. The game did poorly and was hated by gamers and critics alike. The game even led to the studio closing down a few months after it had been released.

8. Bomberman: Act Zero (2006)

This is baffling attempt at turning the fun Bomberman series into a dark and brooding game, the adorable robot of the past was turned into a horrible cyborg. The fighting involves combating mindless drones that will quickly get boring. The local multiplayer option was not included in the remake.

9. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Seems like the makers were trying their hardest to turn us into Sonic-haters. The game is just bad, the timing allowed is too short, the camera angles are strange, glitches are all around and the controls are impossible. Sonic is without everything you liked about the original games. You will hate it, and the story is absurd. In involves a human princess that gets kidnapped constantly and has to be rescued. A low point in the Sonic series that is best forgotten.

10. Dungeon Keeper Mobile (2013)

The PC strategy game became a cult classic, but this version is a huge taint on its record. It is free to play but most of the content is pay-walled. It adds nothing to the original and manages to take everything fun away from it. The publisher was even caught manipulating the ratings on the Android Play Store.

The maker of the original dubbed this reboot, “Ridiculous” enough said.