Top 10 Forgotten First Person Shooters

1. Star Wars: Republic Commando (2005)

This one didn’t make it to big-time popularity levels. A spin-off of Attack of the Clones, this game will disappoint you if you want Jedi. In the game, you control an elite battle squad of Clone Troopers. Even though you cannot use the Force, you can still experience the Star Wars world fully without light-sabers. Here you have an awesome interchangeable DC17 weapon system with which to fight.
2. Bulletstorm (2011)

This game didn’t sell many copies but as history has shown good games often fall through the notice of the public. The developer dubbed it as an anti-thesis to Call of Duty. The violent gameplay is amped up to epic proportions and will give you more than enough reasons to play through multiple times.
3. Clive Barker’s Undying (2011)

The designer of the game, Clive Barker is a best-selling horror novelist. He also voices a character in the game called Ambrose. The protagonist is a paranormal adventurer who investigates the happenings in a large house. Along with a set of weapons, you can also use magical spells to fight your way through this game. There are some puzzle solving elements in this game. It is overall a great adventure game making you wonder why it is so undervalued. Fight the evil undying king and have fun.
4. Prey (2006)

This is a unique shooter game. The game tried to bring about a new twist to the FPS genre but did not do very well. However, a unique element that you will be surprised to find is that portals are a main element of this game, long before Portal was even conceived. The game mechanics are brilliant and innovative and there is no in-game death. It has a lot fresh ideas packed into a very generic shooter, maybe this is what stopped it from being a success.
5. Shogo: Mobile Armor Division (1998)

Love blowing up stuff and giant robots? Give this game a try. You run around in a city either as the main character or can control a giant robot from inside. The visuals are fast and fluid and the art style unique.
6. SiN (1998)

This futuristic cop-game has a host of stunning features unique for that time. A non-linear gameplay and extremely interactive environments. The game boasted elements such as turret actions, the voice in your head and unique death sequences. The reason this did not do well was the unfortunate timing of its release, which clashed with Half Life. The realistic tone of the game lends it depth and quality rarely seen in FPS.
7. Kingpin: Life of Crime (1999)

This game was unlucky in the release timings as well; its release came after the Columbine shooting incident and the popularity suffered owing to the nature of the game. It is a violent shooting game set in a dystopian world. After its release politicians and lobbyists criticized it harshly. This led to the game not even being released in some stores. The game is truly violent and contains graphic language, seems like it was designed to make controversy.
8. Tron 2.0 (2003)

Welcome inside the world of the computer, you have been digitized. This is a cool game with some stunning elements that you will love. Disc throwing fights, light cycle races and weapon animations -all were stunning. This game did not sell really well, but do not be deterred by this. The scenarios are unique because the game is set inside a computer. A particularly fun part is when you have to escape a wall of destruction because the hard drive you exist on is being formatted!
9. Blood (1997)

This has plenty of violence, apart from the usual bag of weapons, the player gets a pitchfork, which is meant for vicious stabbings, and a flare gun that can set enemies on fire, even a voodoo doll that can wreak havoc. Blood is freaky and violent and will have you scarred for life.
10. No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.’s Way (2002)

This game is clever and parodies classic spy movies. The protagonist is a female super-spy Kate Archer, who is tasked with stopping a group of villains named H.A.R. Mand. While doing so she has to travel the globe and visit exotic locations. You get access to loads of cool spy gadgets that even Bond will envy. This game is the most Bond-esque game and we think you will love it.