Tales From The Borderlands

The Borderlands franchise has become one of the most popular multi-platform shooters, and now, Telltale Games will be taking a whack at bringing this franchise’s science fiction, Western universe into vein of a more story-based, adventure gameplay.

The new title, Tales from the Borderlands, will feature many of the same elements that fans have come to love from other popular Telltale Games titles like The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead.
Using a point-and-click adventure format, Tales from the Borderlands will have multiple episode releases, with player decisions having significant consequences in later installments. Interestingly, the game will also feature shooter elements from the original Gearbox titles, even with some loot being useable in the Borderlands series.
The story, taking place after the events of Borderlands 2, will feature two player-controlled protagonists, Fiona and Rhys. Fiona, a con artist, and Rhys, a data-miner, eventually join up, experiencing the aftermath of the defeat of Handsome Jack on the planet Pandora.
The narrative will switch from one protagonist to the other, with a strong focus on giving players the option to use force or logic to achieve their goals. Many of Telltale Games’s strongest attributes will be on full display, like the extensive dialogue trees and focus on player involvement, but much of the humor from the original titles still will be redolent, as well, giving core fans a reason to try out this different format.
Of course, Tales from the Borderlands will still have plenty of action interplayed with story, and Telltale Games is also focused on making the title just as accessible to newcomers as to the hard core fans.
With such close integration with the Borderlands franchise, it may not come as a surprise that most of the voice actors from the original titles are making a return in Tales from the Borderlands, including Dameon Clark as Handsome Jack. Other voice actors featured in the game will be Chris Hardwick, Nolan North, Sam Witwer and Patrick Warburton.
Tales from the Borderlands could be a tall order, integrating a new game type into a franchise so heavily entrenched in co-op RPG-style gunplay. But Telltale Games is probably used to the challenge of taking on a project with very high fan expectations.
Like the new Game of Thrones title that Telltale also has planned to release for the end of year. This will also be taking a huge fictional verse and giving a bold interpretation, using all the multiple protagonists, dialogue trees and scenario variability that Telltale Games does so well. With such ambitious titles coming out before the year closes, Telltale Games could very well have a handsome pair of the most acclaimed holiday releases. That’s plenty to brag about.