Star Wars: Galactic Defense

Recently out on iOS, Android and Amazon Fire devices, Star Wars: Galactic Defense is another effort from Disney to bring the Stars Wars franchise into the realm of mobile phone gaming.
The new title, which was recently released on October 30, is designed to be a basic tower defense title, giving players the option to join a light or dark side. Players set up towers to fend off enemies and employ support cards which help back up their troops.

While Star Wars: Galactic Defense is certainly a “free-to-play” title, developer DeNA has made it so players can earn everything through in-game play, which allows players to truly spend no money. While the game does have a monetary system, there are no pay walls. Players simply have the option to spend money if they wish to progress faster.
The game’s locations take place throughout the Star Wars universe, covering both the prequel and classic eras, offering over 100 different battle scenarios. Players get the chance to take control of various main characters, like Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. All the main characters have their own distinct strengths, as well as useful special abilities for players to incorporate into their strategy. Players have the option of controlling up to three characters at once.
There is also a robust online element, so players can connect to Facebook and have local leader boards with their friends. There is also a more general leader board. The game is available at the Apple App Store, Google play and Amazon.
This isn’t Disney’s first attempt to make a Star Wars game for smart phones and other mobile devices. Just this August, developer LucasArts put out Star Wars Commander, an obvious Star Wars take on Supercell’s hugely popular Clash of Clans. Unlike Star Wars: Galactic Defense, Star Wars Commander only takes place in the classic era, where players choose to play as either the Empire or Rebel Forces during the Galactic Civil War, building their base and armies and going to war with both computer and player-controlled enemy forces.
Star Wars Commander is only available to iOS devices. The release of these mobile apps is just one side of the multi-media reboot of the Star Wars universe that Disney has in the works. For instance, a brand new installment of Star Wars Battlefront is due out in the holiday season of 2015. This will of course tie in with the release of the much-anticipated new Star Wars film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which is being directed by J.J. Abrams. So fans have plenty to look forward to as the Star Wars verse reincarnates once again.