Soul Axiom: At A Glance

In Soul Axiom, the upcoming new release from the team at Wales Interactive, players will dive into a mysterious techno world to discover the secrets of life and death. Steeped in first person action and adventuring, the game recently made its debut in Steam Early Access and will be made available on PC, including Microsoft, Windows and Linux, in the spring of 2015.
The game is also planned for a platform release on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Wii U, although release dates are forthcoming. An official teaser trailer is currently available to players interested in Soul Axiom. The game has had some recent unveilings at EGX London 2014 and Tokyo Game Show, receiving a positive reception.

Taking place in a strange science fiction world, Soul Axiom’s story and setting will focus around Elysia, a kind of other-worldly technological server, where users upload their dreams, memories and even their souls to achieve immortality in cyberspace.
According to Wales Interactive’s official site for the game, Soul Axiom will be a kind of psychological cyberpunk adventure game, as players upload their protagonist’s soul to the mystical server and dive into the recesses of their being. Throughout the game, players will have to find out the truths of the character’s mortal life and the secrets of their digital afterlife, as well.
Soul Axiom will feature 40 unique locations, an original soundtrack and unique visual style, not to mention an intriguing storyline coupled with “Dynamic Adaptive Environments” that could make for some very interesting gameplay mechanics. Much of the game will be focused on exploration, along with puzzle elements.
Of course, Soul Axiom sounds much like the premise of a previous release from Wales Interactive called Master Reboot, which placed players in a fictional world with another mystical afterlife server called the Soul Cloud. This was the first Welsh language console title ever, featuring 34 game environments. While Master Reboot had more horror elements mixed in to the science fiction adventuring, few details exist as to the finer aspects of Soul Axiom’s noticeably similar premise.
Master Reboot did earn some very enthusiastic reviews, though, being praised for its indie horror aspects and creative settings. Soul Axiom could very well be an even further improvement on Wales Interactive’s exciting game worlds.
If players would like to check out some other similar releases to the upcoming Soul Axiom, they can also look up Infinity Runner, another science fiction horror game, which pits players in the depths of a decaying space ship they must escape from. With a running action kind of feel, the game has a large multiplayer mode, allowing for up to 32 players. Infinity Runner is also compatible with Oculus Rift, having its own virtual reality mode. The game is currently available on Steam for PC, and a multi-platform release is expected in the future, as well.