Rollers of the Realm

Pinball arcade and fantasy RPG are two genres that rarely go together, but for this holiday season, gamers will get a chance to experience Rollers of the Realm, an exciting new offering from designer Phantom Compass and publisher Atlus.
Rollers of the Realm, out on the Playstation 4, Playstation Vita and PC, features all the fast-paced addictive fun of arcade pinball juxtaposed with the tried-and-true ways of RPG fantasy, like character development, epic battles, heaps of loot and so on.
Players will have up to 10 swappable characters in their party. By holding the ball with the bumper, players will be able to switch up their characters, taking advantage of their unique abilities and perks. Also, the different balls will have their own weights and sizes, which could create a more dynamic take on the classic, frantically-paced arcade pinball gameplay.
The typical RPG elements will be present for players to enjoy in this interesting new context. Using a variety of special abilities, including flaming sword attacks, hailstorms, bombs and even animal companions, players will hack and slash through a typical fantasy story chock-full of grunts and bosses to slay. Environmental puzzles will have to be solved and formidable end-level enemies conquered. There will also plenty of loot to earn, including health and mana potions, score multipliers and treasure.

Over the course of the 30 plus campaign levels, the party’s characters, which will have their own voice acting, will level up and upgrade their stats as they quest onward. This band “medieval misfits” will bash their way through the typical RPG adventure, saving the world from peril and halting some kind of dark, magical force.

Fortunately, the designers of Rollers of the Realm have also created a special Tournament mode for players interested in competitive play, where five leaderboards will be featured on Steam. This will be a useful mode for a game that should appeal to players interested in quicker gaming sessions with lots of replay value.

The game is already garnering praise from critics as it’s won numerous awards and honorable mentions. It was an official selection at Gamercamp 2014 and the Canadian Interactive Showcase in 2012 and the winner of the GDC “Best of Play.” It’s also been featured as a finalist in SXSW Gamer’s Choice, IndieCade, hoPLAY and Game Connection.



  • lexus

    pinball games can only be so exciting though…I get bored of them after 15 minutes its too repetitive