Primal Carnage: Extinction

Fans may be saddened to learn that Primal Carnage: Genesis, a single-player, episodic spin-off to the original Primal Carnage that was planned for release on the Playstation 4, was officially put on hold by developer Lukewarm Media.

However, the original Primal Carnage game, now a beloved dinosaur shoot’em up of sorts, will see an extensive multiplayer reboot from its new developer Circle 5 Studios, which will be titled Primal Carnage: Extinction, and it is expected to be released sometime in the beginning of next year on the Playstation 4. Australian developer Pub Games will also be taking some responsibilities on the project.
According to Circle 5, the new installment to the Primal Carnage series will bring in an online multiplayer experience, where gaming will be class-based, giving gamers the option to play as bloodthirsty dinosaurs and trigger-happy humans. The action will be over-the-top and very fast-paced, according to the developer. There is currently a teaser trailer available for those interested in a preview of the game.
The new game will be very much a remake of the original Primal Carnage that was put out on PC back in 2012. The game became immensely popular for its addictive FPS action. The new Extinction will have brand new maps, along with tradable Steam DLC.
The game will feature many other nice updates from the original title, like a graphic reboot and numerous fixes to the pesky bugs that plagued players. The game will also run smoother and have other mechanics added in to increase the fun.
Unfortunately, Extinction was originally meant to be a kind of patch update, which would be free to gamers who already owned the original title. However, the announcement of Extinction has made the reboot its own standalone title, and while players will likely have a discount on the remake, they will stay have to pay outright for the new release. The proposed discount may be over 50 percent, according to a statement made by artist Richard Williams on the Steam forum.
As for Primal Carnage: Genesis, the game’s been put on an indefinite hold. Frankly, developers commented on how the game would be an even huger undertaking than rebooting Primal Carnage with Extinction, so the lack of time and resources has forced them to place Genesis on hold. However, the developers did hint that if Extinction goes well, we could very well be seeing some more news about Genesis in the future.