Official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

The Call of Duty franchise has dominated the online multiplayer scene since the release of Modern Warfare back in 2007. Back then, the jump from the WWII setting of the franchise’s roots to contemporary battlefields was a revolutionary step for both the franchise and the industry. Now, developer Sledgehammer seeks to continue that legacy on the PS4, XBox One, and PC by taking the franchise into a science fiction inspired future, complete with cloaking devices and… jet packs? Sure!
This isn’t just about adding new weapons, it’s about opening up a new dimension of gameplay, vertically. With the ability to soar into the sky, dive to ground, and make aerial maneuvers like dogfighting pilots, players will need to develop new tactics in order to outmaneuver their more nimble opponents. Other new features include temporary x-ray vision that allows players to more intelligently engage their enemies and a dynamic weather system that can change the layout of the battlefield.
In the campaign mode, players will fight terrorism in the year 2054 as Jack Mitchell, a former U.S. Marine now working for the world’s most powerful private military corporation, Atlas. Advanced Warfare also boasts an impressive cast with ‘The Last of Us’ and ‘BioShock Infinite’ star, Troy Baker, playing Mitchell, and House of Cards actor, Kevin Spacey, lending his voice and likeness to Atlas CEO, Jonathan Irons.
Advanced Warfare isn’t the only major blockbuster this year to adopt a science fiction setting. Former developers of the Halo franchise, Bungie, are also set to release a sci-fi shooter later this year in the form of ‘Destiny’, while the XBox One’s most significant exclusive title of the last year, Titanfall, also boasted first-person jet packing gameplay. Along with PlayStation’s Killzone franchise, the science fiction shooter is certainly positioned to become the most dominant and lucrative genre of the next generation.
For hardcore fans wishing to pre-order Advanced Warfare, the perks are extensive. 24-hour early multiplayer access, doubled experience points and two exclusive weapons are among the bonuses players can look forward to when Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is released later this year on November 4th.