Killing Floor 2

The unbridled gore of Killing Floor will have its own sequel according to an announcement by the game’s developer, Tripwire Interactive. The sequel made its debut at the New York Comic Con where fans got a chance to play through a demo of the game and pick up exclusive merchandise.
The frenzied co-op style zombie slaying of the original title will be revved up with increased gore, weapon options and other gameplay features and in the meantime, fans of the original Killing Floor can enjoy the sequel’s development blog, which has made some recent announcements, including a production video and new update for the original Killing Floor.
While there is no estimated release date for Killing Floor 2, the sequel’s production is developing rapidly, with new updates posted weekly.

In a new video provided by the creators, entitled “The Gore (Part 1),” players get a special look at how the viscera of the original title will be intensified even further. Using bullets and blades, gamers will slash, hack and mow through waves of zombie horde, much like the first Killing Floor.

A new update for the original game is now available, entitled “Halloween Horror Double Feature.” This update will include new Halloween-themed additional content, including a new map, new gameplay and the Toy Master mod, which will pit an army of demented, killer toys against players. The update will be free to owners of the game and will be offered at a discount to Steam users. Gamers interested in the update can also watch a launch trailer, which came out recently.

The original Killing Floor was originally a mod for Unreal Tournament 4 that was put out almost ten years ago. Having been released on PC, OS X and Linux, Killing Floor has become one of the most popular PC shooters.
Killing Floor focuses on relentless first-person combat with large groups of zombies and can easily be likened to other mature shooters like the Painkiller series, for instance. Killing Floor‘s special attribute is a prodigious fascination with gore, allowing players to finish off their enemies in a variety of gruesomely satisfying ways.

As players take down each wave of enemies, they earn in-game cash, which they then trade in for ammo, weapons and armor. Wielding a slew of gear, including katana swords, pipe bombs, flamethrowers and a variety of automatic weapons and pistols, players are encouraged to work together, healing each other and welding barriers to funnel enemies into strategically placed killing zones. Players also face bosses, called Patriarchs. If all of the players die before finishing the wave, then they lose the game.
Killing Floor is renowned, and infamous, for its highly violent aesthetics. Players go into a special “zed time” where they rack up ruthlessly bloody kills, hammering down combos of head shots and slow-motion slaughter. According to developers, Killing Floor 2 will be more of the same.

Killing Floor, much like Call of Duty and other online shooters, emphasizes replay value, where gamers get rewarded for their gameplay by upgrading their perks and abilities. Killing Floor also focuses on player customization, where online games can be configured to difficulty and length, and players also have access to a level editor and software development kit for enhanced community development. Killing Floor 2 will likely include these same elements, with even more bloody action that fans of the original title have come to love.