Extreme Exorcism

Halloween may have passed but developer Golden Ruby Games will keep the spooky coming when they put out Extreme Exorcist in 2015.

This ghoulish action platformer, which will be out on the Xbox One, Playstation and PC, will feature retro-style graphics with relentless combat, where players control a weapon-wielding exorcist battling against ghosts with a large arsenal of over 20 weapons, including shotguns, rocket launchers, swords, explosives and of course the occasional razor-edged boomerang.
This won’t be a game about using séances and holy water. Playing as Mae Barrons, a female protagonist with a penchant for pumping bullets into the supernatural, gamers will find themselves in the classic setting of a haunted house with only one goal in mind: put these spirits to rest. There will be much more to the game than scratching an itchy trigger finger, though.
Extreme Exorcism will offer a few novel mechanics to add some distinct new challenges. The matches will get considerably tougher as players advance, with ghosts reappearing wherever they are cut down. Once they respawn, they begin to copy the player’s previous moves, so the difficulty constantly increases with each moment. The enemies become smarter, mirroring the player’s strategy, constantly forcing players to think pragmatically and continue vanquishing the unholy.
The game will feature a wide array of game modes for added playability, so while gamers can enjoy the standard story mode, which will feature 10 distinct areas, there will also be a local multiplayer option for up to four players. Level areas have distinct characteristics, with the environments designed to test player’s abilities to be flexible and skillful in surviving the constant onslaught of ever more challenging enemy entities. There will also be a death match mode, which will be fully customizable, allowing players to adjust weapon load outs, enemy spawns and even enemy behavior.
With a heady challenge mode and online leader board, as well, Extreme Exorcism could be one of the most popular casual games of the next year. A second teaser trailer has already been released, which gives players a few more peeks at the game. For such a small, yet robust title, developer Golden Ruby Games has only been on the scene for the last two years. And since then, this New York-based indie company has garnered some notable critical acclaim, with popular titles like Hermit Crab in Space and Worm Run. They are now teaming up with Ripstone, a games publisher connected to indie titles like Really Big Sky and Knytt Underground, to help them get Extreme Exorcism released on consoles in the coming year.