Dying Light

The zombie apocalypse isn’t a new concept for video games, but developer Techland’s exciting new first-person action title, Dying Light, will incorporate some interesting new ideas to this well-known premise when the game makes it debut on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBox 360, XBox One and Microsoft Windows on January 27, 2015.
Dying Light will be similar to the intense free running mechanics of games like Mirror’s Edge, where players will run, jump and leap through a massive open world of South American sprawls and slums, trying to survive hordes of zombies as the game world cycles through a dynamic day and night cycle.
During the day, players will climb rooftops and evade hordes of dangerous, though definitely slow, zombies. During this time players will be able to make traps, find supplies, rescue survivors, and craft weapons.

As night falls though, the world takes on a far more sinister dynamic. Zombies become faster and more deadly as they gain the ability to sprint after players and inflict heavier damage. Zombies also have the ability to jump, climb up on rooftops and hunt down players more viciously.
This will accelerate the game’s pace as players will be forced to use the environment in any way they can including setting up traps and diversions to fend off the zombie horde. Players will have a Night Sense, as well, which will allow them to better detect zombies lurking in the night.

Combat will be decidedly focused on melee weapons much like the Dead Island series, which is another Techland title. Over 100 weapons will be made available with players also having the option to craft their own weapons. Players will be able to customize the four playable characters in the game as well.
With over 50 hours of gameplay, gamers can expect to enjoy plenty of thrills in this new zombie survival title. Although, some other interesting additions have been announced concerning the game, such as an asymmetrical multiplayer experience and an exclusive PvP multiplayer mode that will come with pre-orders of the game.

Up to four players will be able to team up in a co-op experience. There will be two objectives for players to complete including killing the most zombies and racing to an air-drop point. While players fight through the zombie hordes and race through the urban rooftops, other players can choose to be zombies, instead, and invade people’s campaigns.

As the sun goes down, gamers can take command of The Night Hunter, a vicious zombie with superior speed and melee abilities compared to the generic NPC zombies. With their deadly zombie avatar, players will try to hunt down human players as well as other zombies in order to gain supremacy of the night time action. The Night Hunter also will have its own special abilities and moves. A recently released trailer of the PvP mode is available for gamers who would like to get a preview of The Night Hunter’s formidable action. This exciting PvP mode will be made available only with pre-orders of the game, regardless of retailer.



  • GaryAScheidt

    i bet dying light is going to take zombie games to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL

  • 420leanin

    this looks BAD FREAKING ASSSSS way cooler than cod zombies