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Top 10 PC Games Of The 1990’s
This era saw the rise of the internet and the world of games along with it. We look at the top ten titles that gamers of the 90’s were obsessed with. Get ready for the ride into 90’s nostalgia!   ... Read More
Top 10 Worst Video Game Reboots
A long shot away from the originals, some game reboots just don’t live up to the hype. Maybe they get more hatred because fan expectation was so high if the first game was a huge success. Whatever the ... Read More
Top 10 Forgotten First Person Shooters
1. Star Wars: Republic Commando (2005) This one didn’t make it to big-time popularity levels. A spin-off of Attack of the Clones, this game will disappoint you if you want Jedi. In the game, you control an ... Read More
Violence Franchised: The History Of Hitman
Fans of stealth action video games have probably heard of Agent 47’s gruesome exploits. This genetically engineered super killing clone first started carrying out hits in 2000 when he made his debut in ... Read More
Top 10 Survival Horror Video Games
If you are passionate to explore horror games more than a sports-related gameplay, then this may interest you the most! Here are the top ten survival horror video games you should check out!:   1. ... Read More
Fistful Of Dynamite: The Red Dead Series
[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”MfdEWKzF4FWzkwyApqqXBJUPBpIfcJOw”] We’ve always had a fascination with stories of the American frontier. So many images surface in our minds: the dusty towns and ... Read More
Indie Showcase: Dear Esther
[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”abMZgjZ1XkqJ14FolMpUS43YjtnPV52Z”] It’s always nice to find a game that has a bit of controversy surrounding it, and few games have as odd of a discussion ... Read More
Call of Duty
Call of Duty is one of the most popular video game franchises ever. As of March 2015, over 175 million copies have been sold, with millions of online players logging in every day. Call of Duty – ... Read More