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Upcoming Games: Never Alone

Video games have the ability to convey information and cultures across boarders in ways other media cannot. Whereas the other forms of information either require translators to convey meaning, and in ... Read More
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Star Wars: Galactic Defense

Recently out on iOS, Android and Amazon Fire devices, Star Wars: Galactic Defense is another effort from Disney to bring the Stars Wars franchise into the realm of mobile phone gaming.     The ... Read More
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Updates & DLCs: Lord of The Hunt

Following the release of free content for Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, there has been an announcement for the beginning of the expansion content promised with the game’s season pass. First to be ... Read More
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Upcoming Games: Star Citizen

Within the gaming community, there is this undercurrent of hopes and expectations for a new game to be the greatest open world experience of all time – something to make Skyrim look like a side quest in ... Read More
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Tales From The Borderlands

The Borderlands franchise has become one of the most popular multi-platform shooters, and now, Telltale Games will be taking a whack at bringing this franchise’s science fiction, Western universe ... Read More
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