Top Family-Friendly Hostels Around The World

Hostels all around the world are now realizing the need and consumer-preference for affordable accommodations for families and are accordingly adapting their resources to meet this new preference. There’s no denying the fact that hostels are the perfect option for people with families who are on a tight budget. Hostels receive more preference because they are centrally located, can hold multiple people simultaneously and allow cost-saving options like shuttle buses and laundry rooms. Online websites have huge databases covering a diverse range of hostels to choose from. The search filters make this task even easier.

When you are with kids, you need to take several things into consideration and here are a few tips to get you started when booking a hostel while with kids.
Look for family rooms located away from other rooms, ensuite bathrooms, amenities for children like high chairs, cots, and a good entertainment selection with indoor games.
Following is the list of affordable and family-friendly hostels around the world that you would want to remember for your next family trip.
YHA International Hostels

Located in different places, YHA hostels are known for their large family rooms that can accommodate up to 5 people. They also have specifically reserved areas for children’s entertainment where they can play games and meet children from across the globe.
Our personal favorite is YHA London St. Pancras in UK which not only boasts of a centralized city location and is located in close vicinity of Kings Cross International Station, but is also in walking range of a couple of family-friendly tourist attractions. When inside the hotel, you can occupy yourself with a range of different board games. You will find the hostel’s environment extremely accepting of toddlers and offers to provide cots on request on their website. If you are in Australia, you are again in luck as Blue Mountains YHA is famous for their arcade games and exceptionally maintained and dedicated kid’s corner.
Adelaide Hostel

Located in San Francisco, USA, at Adelaide, you don’t just get free breakfasts on a daily basis, but you also get free weekly dinners. This is the biggest budget-friendly gem that parents tight on cash are going to love. Most of the private rooms offer refrigerators and microwaves to provide for the ever-changing needs of fussing toddlers. The television facility can help keep them in a good overall mood.
Palm Lakefront Resort and Hostel

Located in Orlando, USA, staying in this hostel can allow you to spend extra at the closely located Disney Land. The magic kingdom is just a bus ride away which is easily accessible at any time of the day. The family-friendly amenities that these hostels have to offer include a barbeque pit, a swimming pool, and a room for tech-savvy children with an Xbox and Playstation 2.
Hana Hostels, Japan

Located in Hiroshima, Fukoka, Kyoto and Osaka, this group of Japanese hostels are welcoming of children and babies. Games and cartoon options in the common room can help keep the young ones occupied and content.
Adventure Queenstown Hostel

Located in Queenstown, New Zealand, this place is ideally known for its peaceful location away from the noisy musings of the nightlife. You can rent bicycles, frisbees, and DVDs to enjoy in the nearby Frisbee golf course.
Stayokay Hostels

Located in Netherlands, this internationally-affiliated hosteling group boasts of 26 Dutch properties that are well skilled at the art of keeping young visitors happy. They have different sports fields and interesting indoor recreation options to keep youngsters from throwing tantrums. Regular tourist groups can also benefit from the hostel’s family card facility where a certain annual fee can earn you discounts on bike rentals, accommodations, and tours.
Habitat HQ

Located in the uptown neighborhood of St. Kilda, Habitat HQ is ideal for road trip families because it provides free and secure parking. Habitat HQ is also titled as the city’s first carbon-neutral hostel for backpackers.
The Valley House Holiday Hostel

Located on the Achill Island of Ireland, the hostel has to offer some of the most picturesque and eye-dazzling views from the beach, just ten minutes of walking distance away. There are loads of natural trials to cater to your golf fantasies and a good point for children to burn off their energies.