Top 10 Extraordinary Sites To Explore In Auckland

Searching for a holiday spot where you can explore the natural beauty of nature and its breathtaking views all at once? Then how about the top 10 must-visit spots in Auckland? You’ll be on cloud 9 by taking a look at the dazzling surroundings of Auckland from its best viewing points.
1. The Waitemata Harbour

Take pleasure in the gorgeous views of the Waitemata Harbour from Bastion Point near picture perfect Mission Bay. Bathe in the sunlight, fly a kite, or just sit and read a good book surrounded by the lush scenery. Michael Joseph Savage Memorial can also be found at Bastion Point which is a dedication to the first Labour Prime Minister of New Zealand. The memorial obelisk is encircled with the scenic garden and a pool.
2. Lava Caves

Take the ever famous half-day tour where you can make it to the top on foot or through a guided tour on the 4WD road train. Ride the ferry to the Rangitoto Island which is Auckland’s youngest and largest volcano. Take a stroll through new Zeeland’s biggest pohutukawa forest and survey the lava caves through the light of a torch. Don’t forget to get a picture of the awe-inspiring view.
3. Make it to the top of Mount Eden

Make your way to the top and get rewarded by the most spectacular 360-degree view from Auckland’s highest natural point. This sleeping volcano stands at a height of 196 m and is covered in the most beautiful green carpet of grass you can see in Auckland. Drive or hike up to the peak and enjoy the beautiful sight of the city and Waitemata Harbour.
4. Dine in style

Head over to the Revolving Orbit Restaurant located at the top of the Sky Tower for dinner with an amazing view. The tower is one of the greatest structures in Southern Hemisphere, standing at the height of 328 m, complete with three decks for observation which will give you a full 360-degree glimpse of Auckland that you won’t get anywhere else.
You can benefit from some great sightseeing on the SkyWalk, and if you’re an adrenaline junkie and seeking a thrilling adventure, you can circle around the outer side of Sky Tower which is 192 m high above the land and has the breadth of 1.2-metres broad.
5. One Tree Hill

One tree hill is one of the biggest and culturally noteworthy volcanoes of Auckland located in the midst of the renowned landscape design of Cornwall Park. A relaxed walk up the hill will take you to the Campbell’s shrine – named after Sir John Campbell, who founded the city of Auckland. You can enjoy the great outdoors here and bring up a picnic basket and enjoy the spectacular view around you.
6. The Ultimate Island Retreat

Take a ferry up to the Waiheke Island. From there, you can make your way towards the restaurant. While relaxing with the amazing view of Rangitoto Island, Hauraki Gulf, and of the sun setting through the skyline, you can explore the beauty of this breathtaking island in just a single day.
7. Up in the Air

What better way is there to view the authentic and magnificent beauty of the city but through a picturesque flight? The amazing view you’ll see will create the memories of a lifetime. Soar over the beaches and islands. Watch the beautiful rainforests and volcanoes from a never before seen perspective. You can see the beauty of the west and east coasts of Auckland through a different light.
8. The Auckland Bridge Bungy

For the most stunning view from across the port, take part in the Auckland Bridge Climb, where a qualified tour guide will walk you through the secure yet thrilling experience from up, under and over the Auckland Harbour Bridge. To top it all off, you can close your experience with the thrilling Auckland Bridge Bungy where you can enjoy the view from an experience unlike any other and have your world turned upside-down!
9. North Head

Another site worth exploring is North Head, which is situated in Devonport at the northern promontory of the Waitemata Harbour. It is well known for its famous military history, a mesmerizing set of tunnels to be explored, and gun emplacements.
10. Piha Beach

To get to Piha Beach, you will need to take the beautiful road that goes through the west coast. Don’t forget to pack your camera and keep an eye out for that perfect moment to take a picture with the stunning view. You can walk on the black sand beaches of Piha, surf on the wild waves, and can see the Black Rock that is a border between the south and north beaches.