These Unusual Hotels Have Something For Everyone!

Who doesn’t like to travel and experience the unusual and unique things around the globe? Going on a vacation can be real therapy and if you get a chance to experience the unique and quirky hotels that are pampering guests in an entirely different way, then you are surely lucky to stay at an extraordinary hotel. Here is a list of some of the most unusual hotels from around the world.

V8 Hotel, Germany


Located in Stuttgart, this hotel is a perfect place to express your love for cars. It’s a part of an auto museum, Boeblingen’s Meilenwerk, a haven for the car lovers. It’s a four star hotel with 34 rooms out of which ten rooms have been renovated to meet the demands of the customers which allows them to sleep in a Morris Minor, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Cadillac.

Classic car freaks can park their cars in the glass boxes. This allows everyone to see the repair and the service of their car.

Palacio De Sal, Bolivia


Salt is the main ingredient that gives a peculiar feel to Palacio De Sal. It is located on the world’s largest salt flat: the Salar De Uyuni. This hotel is completely made from salt starting from the walls to the furniture. Just look around and you’ll find huge blocks of salt! The guests are required to enjoy the salty feeling, but licking the objects is not allowed. It has a golf course, a whirlpool, a dry sauna, saltwater baths, and a steam room. The rooms are like huts which go well with the blocks of salts found everywhere in this hotel. Apart from this saltish luxury, it’s a great place for star-gazing.

The tree hotel, Sweden


If you always wanted that wooden house in the woods, then this is the place where you can make your dream come true. The tree rooms are floating on the trees in the lush green forests of Sweden. It has five tree rooms designed by famous Scandinavian architects. The tree rooms are differently shaped which include a bird nest like room, a UFO suite, and a cabin squeezed between the trees. The most unique suite is designed in the shape of a cube which has mirrored walls giving you the sight of the surroundings of a forest.

Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin


This is a hotel that lets you experience the oddest things you have heard of or might have seen in cartoons. Every room of this hotel has a different ambiance which is designed by Lark Strotschen. It has a creepy prison cell with coffin beds, a room covered with mirrors all around it, and a suite where the furniture is all upside down and hangs from the ceiling. The beds are under the floor which can be taken out when required.

Jukkasjarvi Ice Hotel, Sweden


This ice hotel literally evolves with time. As it begins to melt, many people volunteer to rebuild it. Besides this, various artists travel to Sweden just for the sake of rebuilding this hotel so that they can give a new shape to the hotel every time. Many celebrities customize their hotel rooms during the rebuilding process to enjoy the hotel stay according to their tastes.

Kakslauttanen, Finland


Ever thought of experiencing the life in an igloo? If so, then Kakslauttanen is your dream destination. You can have any sort of igloo including a glass igloo, snow igloo, or a log cabin. Viewing the Aurora Borealis is offered by this hotel. The igloos are perfectly insulated to keep the interior warm by the thermal glass walls and the thermal ceilings. They help keep the igloos warm in the cool nights of Finland.

Jumbo Stay, Sweden


Jumbo Stay is located in Stockholm and gives you an onboard real jet experience. It is a decommissioned 747-200 jetliner that is built on the Arlanda Airport. It provides first class air travel feel by staying on the ground. It has 79 beds and a suite. The cockpit of the jet has panoramic views of the airport.

Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho


The rooms are all dog-themed with toilets ‘Sweet willy’, disguised as a fire hydrant. This unique dog themed building was designed and chalked out by wood carvers, Dennis and Frances.

The Hobbit Motel, New Zealand


Made from polystyrene blocks, two self-contained underground lodges are an unusual and different place to stay. These polystyrene blocks do the best insulation by keeping the rooms warm during winters and cool during the summers. Each hobbit is built in the hillsides accommodating up to six people.

Giraffe Manor, Kenya


Meeting giraffes and feeding them is a difficult task to do, but Giraffe Manor in Kenya will make your weirdest dream come true. Now, you can enjoy your meal while meeting the most endangered species of giraffe found in the world. This manor has ten guest rooms with comfortable and relaxing ambiance. The administration provides guests with the giraffe food so that they can feed them.

Staying in a hotel is a luxury, but staying in the above-stated hotels is not only a luxury, but a complete new experience which will let you live your life in a unique way and see such sights which we ignore in our busy lives. Plan your next unique stay, today!