Thailand: The Top 8 Beaches Near Bangkok

There are many sight-seeing facilities in Thailand, but most of them need a flight to get to, but there’s good news because you can find breathtaking beaches near Bangkok that don’t require you to get airborne. So here’s a list of beaches that are near Bangkok which anyone can reach without going through much of a fuss.

Ko-Larn, a beach that is near Pattaya, is a fabulous site if one has an urge to get a substantial dose of sunlight. Plenty of restaurants are present and tourists can feel at home while their need to get close to nature would be fulfilled adequately as well. The seekers of peace and loneliness would not find a better place than in the countryside, and a little journey ahead would take the tourists to Ban-Krulthat. It will take the hearts of those who don’t want to burden themselves from traveling intensively. Tourists can also go further east in order to find greenish heavens in the form and shape of Ko-Kood and Ko-Mak.
The sites offer an opportunity for tourists to see romantic sunsets and honeymooners can strengthen their bond when they decide to visit these featured locations.
Those tourists who can withstand shorter flights can jump on cheaper flights which can land them to southern coasts and Andaman. Further east would introduce adventurers to Ko-Tao, an underdeveloped haven, but still is worth a visit due to the scenery. The province of Ko Yang Yuan offers a closer touch of urban life that much of visitors miss during a significant percentage of their lifetimes. One can always consider rock climbing and fishing on the beach of Andaman, so the Railay Bay has sand beaches for extravagant lovers who want to have an extra-long holiday season. Finally, Ko Phi Phi has overcrowded hotels, but still provides exceptional hospitality services.
The following is a list of the top 10 attractions present in various regions of Thailand.
Ko Tao

Ko-Samui and Ko-Phanganare were nearly destroyed because developers did not manage the steepness of mountains which compromised the beauty of the featured sites. However, Ko-Tao survived and stood tall in height, so the Ko-Tao is a worth seeing facility in the ruins of former resorts that have disintegrated over time. Cheaper airlines are working day in and day out, and therefore, the Ko-Tao resort is not far away for those who travel under tighter budgetary constraints. The most efficient way to reach the destination is to catch a plane to Surat Thani, and then, boats will take you to Ko-Tao.
Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is suspected to be an unknown destination, but people are mistaken when they think that the global community does not know about this place with heavenly feel. One can easily visit here by getting on a cheap flight from Bangkok and it offers wonderful scenes for your eyes. A one hour flight to Krabi and then a half an hour ferry ride will take you to a greenish paradise with pools of water that offer a perfect opportunity of swimming to tourists. The adjacent Maya Bay is easily accessible during the daytime. The Phi Phi Don offers tourists a serious touch with a forest environment.

This destination is far away from Bangkok’s vicinity, but the distance does not discourage tourists from visiting because of the breezy atmosphere. One can think of Lanta as a weekend time-passing location that can be reached by getting on a cheap flight straight into Trang. From there one can arrive at Lanta through ferry rides offered by airlines. In this way, one can cut him or herself off from the world and could spend weekends with romantic partners in order to find love in a refreshed form. The Lanta’s quality of sunsets is unmatched by any of the resorts in the country.

It’s again far from the central areas of Thailand, but one can reach Ko-Lipe through the courtesy of cheaper flights in order to reach Pattaya Beach that has close resemblance to the forbidden area of Sin City. Ko-Lipe is attractive because of its white sand beaches and the beaches near the resort are extremely beautiful, taking many years before reaching it’s fullest potential. Ko-Rawi and Ko-Adang have not been developed yet and the area is under administrative control of the National Park.

This destination earned fame for being a royal resort, and therefore, has been heavily developed. The Hua-Hin resort is the most famed one in the Bangkok region because companies and hotels have focused building their presence.
In recent years, Hua-Hin has lost its solitude and become overcrowded with families. Food, golf courses and hotels have always defined the experience here. The seekers of peace find it irritating and tourists do not prefer the destination in a major number of cases. The resort is simply reachable through the means of railroads, buses, and flights as well. The cheapness of services at Hua-Hin is a major attraction for tourists.

This resort is rated amongst the 10 best beaches worldwide by a leading British newspaper and one cannot argue with the beach’s undying beauty. Still, those working to promote the site’s international fame had a lot to do in this regard. Local guides do not participate in the advertisement of the resort that can become a massively leading business center in the world of tourism at least in Thailand. The center has quite a few white sand beaches, increasing its sense of beauty. The body of water is just like icing on the cake. Tourists are suggested to have a swimming session at Ko-Kham and a sunbathing session would not hurt either.

Ko-Larn has such fascinating bodies of water that are so unbelievably beautiful that minds do not actually accept them in the first glance. However, the clearness of the water has therapeutic value and that offers visitors with the opportunity to have peace of mind. The largest white sand beaches are found at the eastern end of the coastline, and the most attractive one of them is Tawaen. The motorcycle taxies are moving in order to carry tourists from the district of Naban Samae Beach to the western region. Skiing, boating and water sports have been making highlights of the facility’s enjoyability for many years now.
Khao Sam RoiYod National Park

The park has peculiar attractions for families and they have to visit the facility during the day in order to maximize the enjoyment. The park has attractions for everyone and activities range from hiking to enjoying white sand beaches that offer chances to sunbath. The park has been acting as a habitat for many birds that migrate on a seasonal basis. There are more than 300 types of birds, and they are mostly coming from Siberia and European States.
The Bottom Line
Thailand’s resorts have so many qualities, and they are great in number, and therefore, it would take many trips before completely covering the entire landscape of the one of the most beautiful countries in the world.