Skydiving: Diving In The Sky Of Sydney

Many people envy skydivers and skydiving is among many people’s to-do list. So when you finally get your chance to skydive, remember the most important decision is the location! To make your skydiving experience the most memorable one, you need astounding scenery. A beautiful sky, fine weather, a breathtaking skyline, and some gold sand to land on is what the perfect skydive requires.

The adrenaline rush that a jump from 14,000 ft above the ground can bring to you is beyond imagination. Whatever you do in life, skydiving will always remain the most heart-thumping experience ever! You can never imagine the ecstasy and euphoria the jet-speed free-fall of the first 60 seconds will bring. It’s more like an addiction; once you do it, you need more and more of it. As you set out the parachute after that, the jet-speed is now converted to a smooth serene and nerve-relaxing descent. All in all, skydiving is a package of adventure and excitement and you definitely need some guts to try it out.
Wollongong, Sydney, is considered a skydivers’ favorite location. As you fall, the incredibly spectacular coastline of Australia, the awe-inspiring view of Sydney and the amazing skies will make your skydiving experience a cherished one.
Following are a few things you need to consider before and things you’ll gain after attempting your experience of skydiving at Wollongong, Sydney:


  • For the newbies: The newbies will remain more comfortable, safe, and amused with a tandem skydive or accelerated free fall jump. The instructor will have most of the command during the entire flight so that you can let yourself be free and enjoy the amazing skyline of Australia.


  • The height-phobics: No, the fall will not cause any churning inside your stomach. It’s totally different from looking down from a high bridge or building. It is a free-fall; the most exhilarating feeling you can ever experience.

  • Fit and active: For skydiving, you not only need to be lively at heart but also physically fit. It requires muscles and energy. Some overweight people may experience some problems. But usually skydiving institutes have separate equipment for them. In short, no one shall be left out.

  • Self confidence: Skydiving does not fit in everyone’s boots. You need to step out of your comfort zone to attempt skydiving. Once you have pushed aside those mental boundaries, it will boost your self confidence and give you a sense of achievement and reward. The feeling after the fall is unmatchable!

  • Mental relaxation: Skydiving is totally therapeutic! Whether it be work or personal stress, skydiving will untangle all those knots in your mind and rejuvenate your body and soul. The insane 60 seconds of a frenzy fall followed by a smooth 7 minutes of downward flight is exactly what you need to relax.

  • Adventure sport: Who doesn’t need one crazy life experience? Make skydiving it! Do something beyond the regular and live life.

  • Casualty: The worldwide incidence of any casualty during skydiving is 1 out of 1000 attempts. Risk exists, but if you’re a thrill-seeker, the amusement, adventure, and thrill will more than make up for it.

So, schedule skydiving in Wollongong for your next vacation! Arrange the excursion with friends or family who are as equally crazy as you. This adrenaline driven experience should be a mandatory once in lifetime excursion for everyone. Once you try skydiving, you’ll realize how addicting the thrill and fall is. Even the idea of that frenzy of 60 second freefall at 200km/hr followed by a slow decent towards the gold sand of the Australian beaches is mesmerizing!
The most treasured adventure of your life awaits!