Makeup Tricks For Travelers You Simply Can’t Ignore!

It’s gotten harder to create a style that helps you travel confidently and look great at the same time. Sadly, lip gloss, mascara, or toothpaste in large containers are not allowed! So, how can you travel without these makeup necessities and still be at your best? Luckily, the Transportation Security Administration (T.S.A) and some creative stylists have specified something pleasing: you can keep your liquid cosmetics (small bottles/containers) in a transparent plastic bag and travel in style!
Next, all you need is a bit of imagination and makeup experts’ smart suggestions to carry yourself well as quickly as you like. Here are some of their great makeup tricks you will love to follow while traveling.
Buy Travel-Sized Items

If you travel frequently, get travel-sized lipsticks, caked mascara, lip pencils, and compact powders. Since these makeup items are available in 3-oz. containers (tester-sized), these fit really well in a stylish traveler’s bag.
Powder Your Hair
Who knows if you might experience flight delays or cancellations? An expert’s advice: Don’t risk your hair while traveling. If you were in a real hurry and didn’t get time to wash your hair, simply powder your hair. Powder acts like a dry shampoo, therefore, it works wonders in combating limp hair or oily scalp.
Get Hold of Cucumber Eye Pads

Pre-moistened cucumber pads refresh and soothe puffy and tired eyes. Refrigerate these calming eye pads before heading towards the airport. During the flight, whenever you feel that your eyes need a relaxing break, use them.

Use Makeup Corrector Stick
Undoubtedly, when on a flight, you’re mostly just waiting until you land. As time passes, you never know when little smudges or blotches of makeup start appearing on your face. For this, you need a makeup corrector stick. Make sure you have a small mirror too so that you can correct your makeup while sitting in your seat.
Never Forget Your Cake Mascara
Known as the classic Hollywood style to define and darken your eyelashes, cake mascara is said to be the best alternative when liquid cosmetics are not allowed while traveling. It’s also available in cake form. Simply mix it with a little bit of water, and apply it with a brush. Make sure you curl your lashes first.
Blot Out Your Oily Skin from the “T” Zone
Having oily skin while traveling is a common condition. However, this can be easily controlled with this super-easy trick: Bring rice papers or blotting papers with you and dab the “T” zone of your face as frequently as you need to. This way, you will dab up any excess oil without even letting go of the natural moisture of your face.
Say Good-Bye To Long-Lasting Lipsticks

Though long-lasting lipsticks are supposed to last for hours, makeup experts suggest not wearing such lipsticks while traveling as they will only parch and dehydrate your mouth. Instead, apply a few coats of lip stain, let it dry, and then do the glamorous finishing with a lip gloss. You can re-apply this gloss throughout your trip to refresh your lips.
Treat Your Hands Nicely With Cocoa Butter
To avoid getting your hands dry, place solid cocoa butter as well as cotton gloves in your travel bag. After finishing your meal during a flight, wash your hands, apply the softening cocoa butter, and wear the gloves – that’s it!