If You Lose Your Phone, Do It In These 5 Cities!

Though you might not expect your lost items back from any tourist destination, we have some latest, mind blowing travel facts you’d love to know: honest places still exist in the world! A survey was conducted on the most honest cities of the world and in this little experiment, 30 cell phones were deliberately lost to know how many of them were returned to their owner safe and sound. Here’s what was actually found.


With honesty at an all time low these days and cell phones being a major commodity, a stark contrast can be seen in Ljubljana. Out of 30 reported cases of missing cellphones, 29 were found. Contradictory to the crimes against tourists, this beautiful city is reputable and is number one on the honesty scale.


Being famous for one of the most visited tourist attractions and one of the tallest buildings in the world, The CN Tower, and rated 2nd in the most business competitive cities of the world, Toronto also takes the position as being the second honest city in the world by returning 28 out 30 reported missing cell phones.


Seoul, the capital of South Korea, being more advanced in technology than most of the world, stood third on the honesty scale with 27 out of 30 missing cell phones returned.


Home to 14 islands of the great archipelago of Stockholm in the Baltic Sea and The Royal Palace (Sverige’sKungahus), a regal tourist attraction, has been reported to return 26 missing cell phones out of 30 and has taken 4th position in the most honest cities in the world. With a population of around 2 million and 16% of its inhabitants being immigrants, this is one promising city.

Mumbai, New York and Manila

Surprisingly, these three populated and fast paced cities of the world stand in 5th for the most honest cities of the world. These cities are often portrayed badly for their crimes and thefts, but have now proved the world wrong by coming in 5th on the list. New York City has more people than 39 out of 50 states in the USA, Mumbai has the largest and the most expensive slum housing in the world, and Manila, the largest island of the 7,000 that make up the rest of Philippines stand pretty good on their own on the honesty scale.