Affordable Luxury In Australia

Queensland, Australia, has something magical: passionate tourists prefer this place to spend their vacations while enjoying every bit of tranquility. Hotel Qualia is said to be one of those fine-looking, contemporary resorts located in Hamilton Island in the state of Queensland, Australia. For leisure, the island has exotic resorts, fine dining, as well as casual restaurants and recreational beaches. There are also some elite yacht clubs and golf courses. Qualia is among the two privately owned, reservation-only resorts on the island. Qualia has recently been declared as one of the best resorts in the world.
Reaching Qualia

Reaching Qualia is very easy. You can catch flights from Cairns, Brisbane, and Sydney. JetStar and Virgin Australia are your two airlines of choice. Qualia provides transportation services to you and your family to and from the airport with no additional charges. The excellent time to visit Qualia is from April to June. The weather is pleasant. From October to December, the weather is chilly with snowfall. The appropriate time for rain-lovers to visit Qualia and enjoy the refreshing rain is from January to March.
What to expect?

Qualia has three offers for you when it comes to accommodation – Leeward Pavilion, Windward Pavilion, and The Beach House. Windward Pavilion has a private plunge pool and Leeward Pavilion has private decks. Otherwise, all other amenities are similar with lavish villas with a Coral Sea outlook. The Beach House is slightly different, with one luxury master bedroom, an infinity pool, a kitchen and a dining lounge for 10 people. These accommodations may cost from $830 per night to over $1000 depending on the influx of vacationers.

Qualia has a perfectly luxurious and contemporary ambience. The first impression of the resort is its lobby. They have made the lobby shockingly breathtaking. The interior is lavish and avant-garde. The spacious lobby has comfortable seating arrangements for the newly arrived guests. There they are served complementary drinks. The staff discusses the landscape, the exciting recreational activities, and caters to the guests’ queries.

Like all other luxury resorts, breakfast is complementary. Qualia has two restaurants for its guests. The Long Pavilion is the formal and fancy one with a maximum of ten course menu to blast your taste buds. Pebble Beach is more relaxed and laid-back. Along with the hot, sizzling seafood, it also has a magnificent view of the sea.

Apart from these two restaurants of Qualia, Hamilton also has other eating outlets. Coca Chu and Romano’s are the two most favorite eateries of the island with mouthwatering menus.

Qualia has amazingly polite and sweet staff for their guests. The staff is helpful and courteous. Their service is very smooth and spontaneous. They furnish all the needs of their guests satisfyingly. They find pleasure in surprising the guests with little presents. Guests are allotted private golf carts to wander around and also with a map of the entire property.

There are many recreational activities to indulge in. Most are water related. Their white sand beaches are very renowned. The water is ridiculously blue, the view is breathtakingly quaint and the sunsets are delightfully tranquil. The proximity has picturesque Great Barrier Reef which augments the beauty of the island.
You can arrange for trips into the sea. Cliff diving and snorkeling are also very popular in Hamilton. Having a picnic on the white sand beaches is also a favorite activity among the vacationers.
The non-water activities include sightseeing, and there is a wildlife park. You will find cute and cuddly koalas and other animals to have fun with.