5 Best Family Christmas Getaways

After a long year, the Christmas season is a perfect time to take a break and spend some quality time with family. Whether it’s frolicking in the snow or taking off to a beach destination, Christmas holidays with family are always worth every dime.
This year, to make your plans easier, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best Christmas destinations just right for some awesome family time!
1. Lapland, Finland: Santa’s paradise
“What’s Christmas without snow and Santa Claus!” – If this is your family moto, then no place comes as close to your family’s Christmas spirit as Lapland does in the beautiful country of Finland. The snowy wilds of the Urho Kekkonen National Park beckon all those who wonder how a fairytale Christmas would look like. Made complete with the experiences of riding on a real sled pulled by real reindeer, Lapland is what kids’ Christmas dreams are made of.  To top it all off is Santa Claus’ village, where the most picturesque Christmas images come alive with quaint homes and amazing landscapes covered in snow, with just the right amount of lights to make the setting come alive. If you wish for the perfect site for your Northern holiday, you can even stay in an igloo, albeit one with essential modern amenities such as heating!
2. Reykjavik, Iceland: Oh the auroras
If you want this Christmas to hold the promise of Mother Nature at its best, there’s no place like Reykjavik in Iceland. Whether it is the greenish hues in the sky or the Icelandic versions of everything related to the holiday season, here’s a holiday that promises to be a memorable one from the word go. The festivities and tourist activities are at their peak this time of the year and include a variety of options such as tours across the Jokulsarlon glacier and the Golden Circle, or amazing adventures such as whale watching and snowmobiling, or simply hiking in the snowy plains. Rejuvenating your minds and bodies in the thermal pools and spas is of course an experience only Iceland can offer in its special way. The contrasting landscapes of the region are bound to trigger your curiosity and make sure your cameras are ready and loaded for some of the best memories of your lives.
3. Kaikoura, New Zealand: A sunny Christmas
If you and your family want to give cold winter days a miss this Christmas, head out to New Zealand. Here, the Christmas season is celebrated in the warm sun and if it is all snow and chilly winds from where you come, you will be among a chosen few to pack your bags with bikinis and shorts instead of cardigans and pullovers! With the sun and the sea, and loads of fun, Kaikoura is a coastal wildlife haven. The food is great and so are the people and ever since tourists began flocking to this coastal paradise, plenty of restaurants and hotels have sprung up to cater to them too. Apart from indulging in some swimming with dolphins, watching whales, or even chancing upon some late in the day seal pups, you can even let your family in on the philosophies and ways of the Maori tribe. Who knows, you may even end up boasting of an encounter with UFOs from the popular Kaikoura Lights episode!
4. Bali, Indonesia: A different holiday
If your family is up for something different, you cannot go wrong by going to Bali, Indonesia. There is plenty to do in Bali during the holiday season and though the festivities here may not match up to other cities around the world, the Indonesian way of celebrating the holiday season is surely an incredible experience. With world class beaches & resorts, there is plenty to do in Bali and while your family soaks in the immense natural beauty the country is blessed with, you can shop around and set up your private Christmas fireworks show by the beach. Perfect for some family time as well as fun, Bali is sure to make your Christmas.
5. Goa, India: Partying and fun
Places that were once colonies have a unique aura about them and Goa in India is one of them. The Portuguese may have left the country long ago, but the inimitable ways of their culture and traditions still exist in Goa, and mixed with the fun and frolic of the people here, the setting makes for an unforgettable Christmas. Tourists from all over India and the world flock to Goa during the Christmas season so make sure your bookings are made well in advance. Once you are here, there’s plenty to do – from visiting the hundreds of old churches and chapels here to shopping to your heart’s content, Goa has it all. Especially popular are the parties here, so if you and your family want to let their hair down this Christmas, head for this city by the sea.