5 Of The Best Coffee Cities In The World

Most people would agree that they like coffee or drink coffee on a daily basis. Coffee has become such a morning staple and is even consumed throughout the day. The world loves its coffee. There are so many cities around the world that are home to some of the world’s most delicious coffee. You can find coffee anywhere, but these are five of the best coffee cities on our list.

London, England
The city’s first espresso coffee shop opened over two decades ago and they have become more and more popular over the years making London one of the best coffee cities in the world. Over the past 10 years alone, the coffee scene has exploded. Local coffee drinkers typically order a cappuccino or a flat white which is the current craze. Some of London’s most popular coffee shops include The Attendant, Climpson and Sons, and Look Mum No Hands, which reflects one of the coolest and hippest atmospheres in the city.
Portland, Oregon, USA
Portland, Oregon came in second place on Travel + Leisure’s list of the best coffee cities in the U.S. It has been said that Portland has a very intimate coffee scene which intrigues visitors and tourists enough to stop by and see what Portland has to offer. There is a large selection of delicious coffee shops and the baristas know what they’re doing and provide some of the most artistic coffee creations around. Portland has some of the finest espresso and brewed coffee in the USA (and the world) and is considered one of the hippest cities as well.

Rome, Italy
As they say, do as the Romans do, and drink strong, hot coffee on the go. “Drink and go” tends to be the average Roman’s lifestyle. Most Romans drink five or more espressos a day so needless to say, they tend to move! Rome is a city of ambience and coffee locals are no exception. The service is very friendly and the atmosphere is cozy and inviting & tourists from all over the world mingle with politicians. You might even bump into President Giorgio Napolitano. Some of Rome’s best coffee shops are Recafe, Giolitti, and Rosati.

Vienna, Austria
Probably the birthplace of coffee culture, Vienna has been stoking this scene since the 17th century. Nowadays, most coffee shops in Vienna offer as many as twenty different kinds of coffee drinks to their very picky patrons. It is very unlikely that you will meet a local that doesn’t drink coffee since it’s practically in Vienna’s DNA. Vienner Melange is a popular coffee drink, which is similar to espresso and can usually be found in traditional coffee houses. Vienna is so well known for being one of the best coffee cities in the world that it was listed as such by UNESCO back in 2011. The city of Vienna also hosted the World Barista Championship back in 2012.

Melbourne, Australia
According to a booking.com survey, Melbourne was voted best coffee city in the worlds. It beat Rome, Vienna, and Sydney in the 2014 survey. More and more people are saying that Melbourne has the world’s best coffee. There is a history behind their independent cafes and brewing techniques that makes a cup of coffee from Melbourne worth the long plane ride. And, not only do visitors appreciate Mebourne’s coffee, coffee baristas appreciate the visitors, which makes the experience that much better.



  • Rick

    portland coffee is to die for…so smooth and rich you really can’t go wrong