11 Must Visit Places For Coffee Lovers

Coffee aficionados are aware of the potential struggle to find a good cup of joe. Tasty coffee may not be in short supply in their houses or their favorite coffee shops, but they can definitely face a challenge in unfamiliar territory. It’s a calming thought to know that there are entire cities that take the art of brewing coffee seriously. Simply put, these 11 cities are paradise for coffee lovers!
1. Rome, Italy

Italy has a reputation for producing excellent food, and the same is true for its coffee. Coffee runs in the veins of Rome, as the innumerable cafes keep the heart of Rome (and its citizens) pumping. Italians love the taste of black or just slightly sweetened coffee, so if that is your preference, get ready to make some new friends in the cafes of Rome.
Best Places: Rosati, Ciampini, Caffè Greco
2. Havana, Cuba

Engaging in international politics isn’t the only thing Cuba is famous for. Visit Havana and taste the unique coffee flavors that Cuba is famous for. Cubans like their coffee strong and sometimes sweet, with Espresso being an integral part of their coffee culture. Experience a Café Cubano or a cortadito, which are espresso brewed with sugar and an espresso shot with milk respectively. The special taste of Cuban coffee means it’s not for everybody’s palate, but those who like it, love it!
Best Places: Cafe Escorial, Cafe Bohemia
3. Reykjavik, Iceland

There has been a rising interest for tasty brews among Icelanders recently. The absence of big multinational coffee chains has created a power struggle between the independent coffee shops of the city. Each coffee shop tries to entice customers with ever tastier brews. One thing’s for sure though: coffee lovers are winning big by visiting Iceland.
Best Places: Stofan Cafe, Cafe Babalu, Cafe Paris.
4. Vienna, Austria

There are few cities more devoted to coffee than Vienna. In 2011, UNESCO listed the coffee shops of Vienna as intangible heritage. Enter the cafes of Vienna, bursting with atmosphere that portrays the serious attitude of Vienna towards coffee. Interact with other coffee enthusiasts while surrounded by the delicious scent of cappuccinos and espressos that the people of Vienna love so much. Taste the local Wiener Melange, an espresso shot in a large cup topped with steamed milk and milk foam.
Best Places: Cafe Neko, Cafe Weimar, Cafe Korb.
5. Seattle, WA, USA

From stylish and high-end coffee houses to hipster cafes, Seattle caters to every type of coffee lover. When it comes to the best cup though, people in Seattle are pretty opinionated about their favorite coffee place. The city has a reputation for being filled with coffee lovers, so be sure to head on down there.
Best Places:  Victrola Coffee, Caffé Vita.
6. Melbourne, Australia

The coffee culture in Melbourne is certainly unique. The city is divided into districts with each preferring their own type of brew. The diversity is incredible. Put it all together, and the love of coffee in Melbourne is apparent as you visit the annual coffee expo or read the Melbourne coffee review, a publication about all things coffee. When in Melbourne, the preference leans towards lattes and coffees with milk.
Best Place: Stassi Cafe
7. Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is famous both for its rich coffee beans and the process they utilize to turn it into delicious coffee. Turkish coffee brewers crush the beans into a fine powder and boil them in a special pot called cezve, sometimes with sugar. As sifters are not used, the coffee grounds are allowed to settle before the coffee is sipped. Both the dark coffee beans and the Turkish method of brewing them come together to give you a thick and uniquely tasty cup of coffee that you won’t find anywhere else.
Best Places:  Velvet Cafe, Mandabatmaz.
8. Addis Abada, Ethiopia

The ‘birthplace of coffee’ is one of the world’s biggest coffee producers. Coffee culture in Ethiopia goes beyond just drinking in cafes; it is weaved into society. If you have some friends and family there, they might invite you to take part in a coffee ceremony. There, you will roast and crush your own beans and brew your coffee before settling down to drink your coffee with your hosts.
Best Places:  Mokarar Coffee, Tomoca Coffee
9. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver mixes urban design with great coffee. Coffee micro brewers and cold brewing along with using the clover coffee maker are the two most popular coffee brewing techniques. There are a large number of independent coffee shops downtown, but hidden gems of cafes are scattered throughout the city. Residents of Vancouver prefer espressos and Americanos, but don’t let that deter you from seeking out a variety of different flavors.
Best Places: CaffeArtigiano, Bel Café, JJ Bean Coffee Roasters.
10. Portland, USA

Portland takes the many artsy and hipster coffee cafes of Seattle and turns them up several notches. While you are there, experience a varied and sophisticated atmosphere as you wander from one coffee shop to the other.
Best Places: Barista, Spella Caffe, Courier Coffee
11. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei rounds off this list with high quality roasted beans, slowly brewed to get a flavorful coffee. If you love espressos, the commercial coffee chains have got you covered. If you want a taste of the independent coffee tastes, then expect brewed coffee drinks. You might think that this coffee seems expensive compared to the US dollar, but most people agree that a good experience at one of the city’s independent shops is worth it.
Best Places:  Barbie Cafe, Melange Café.