Vector Mouthguard – An Awesome Escape to Football Concussions

In the world of sports, football is a game where players have a 75 percent chance in terms of getting a concussion. These statistics are in accordance with Sports Concussion Institute. If we compare 5-10 percent chance with other sports, then this number is relatively higher and it is obviously dangerous for players as well.
Louisiana State University (LSU) has started a partnership with a Seattle-based tech start-up to help minimize concussions risk. i1 Biometrics‘ new concussion-sensing Vector Mouth guard measures players’ head impact and provides real-time data to athletic trainers on the sideline. By utilizing a built in micro-chip, gyroscope, battery, accelerometer and antenna, the mouthguard paths direct and rotational spurts of head impacts during practices or games.
It is experienced that football is a physical and an impact game. Another observation is that college football linemen are affected from over 1,000 sub-concussive hits to the head each season the game has been performed.

Louisiana State University is the first ever university who was involved to initialize the testing of this new vector mouth guard. Furthermore, Jack Marruci, the Director of Athletic Training (LSU) has conducted six concussions and he has averaged per training camp and two per season.

He said, “There is a high volume of concussions especially in training camps. Regarding this, we also see a certain number of people involved in a team including both offensive as well as defensive linemen. So, we actually wanted to identify the possible causes behind such concussions. ”
It can be difficult for a doctor to diagnose concussions. One of the main reasons behind this is that the human body depicts no obvious injury in concussions. Various problems like disorientation of personal memory, memory problems, delayed responses, and other signs help medical staff to identify whether a concussion has occurred or not.
As reported by i1 Biometrics’ Chief Executive Officer, Jesse Harper, “A significant struggle faced by coaches and trainers today is centered around knowing the severity and location of head impact on the field of play.”

He further explained, “Having ESP Chip Technology, the Vector Mouthguard is engineered in a way that it aims to reduce the curiosity of the trainers and coaches in terms of identifying the reason behind football concussions with timely and accurate data. This can help them make proper decisions for their student athletes.”
The price of this vector mouthguard is $199 each. This mouthguard is costly but it intends to deliver information that could save players’ lives. This is not the first device that is available in market but this device is designed to provide accuracy of data with the availability of wireless communication. This makes this device apart from other concussions devices. Other sensors are located in the helmet and calculates impact to the helmet itself. On the other hand, the vector mouthguard upholds contact with the skull of the player and the device measures far more accurate information that is pushed wirelessly to mobile devices on the sideline. This latest technology truly proves to be life-saving and in the near future, you can believe more sports team players to end up with the usage of this device.