How To Stop Hackers By Securing Your Webcam

Yes, webcams can get hacked at times and the chances of that happening are fairly high. People might remember a very prominent arrest that happened in 2010. The man arrested was involved in hacking more than 100 computers along with webcams so that he can make movies in secret and use them for blackmailing purposes.
Sometimes, your webcam LED light might start flashing randomly. While this might not necessarily mean that your webcam and computer have been hacked, the situation should be investigated to ensure safety. A great safety measure that you can take is to remain vigilant all the time and avoid malware like Remote Administration tool, or more simply RAT, does not enter your computer. This silent malware can then ask you for upgrades or run security programs.
There are a few easy troubleshooting steps that you can follow. These steps can help detect the cause of the random blinking of the LED of your webcam.

  • A Computer Reboot

    Reboot your computer and then analyze what your webcam does. If it still continues to flash randomly even after 10 minutes of rebooting, you will have to check for the programs that load automatically at startup.

  • Task Manager

    To know whether you should be worried while on any windows system, simply open up your task manager and then go to the processes tab, after which you should look for winlogon.exe. If there are more than two instances of winlogon.exe running, then you need to instantly disconnect from the Internet and get this checked out.

  • Default Browser

    After a clean start, if the LED is not blinking, then open up the default browser and see what the LED light does. You can also open up each one of your programs and check the LED light to see if it flashes or not.
    A lot of people also suggest that if anyone is worried about their webcam being hacked into, then all they have to do is to cover it up using a bandage or an electrical tape. However, this is definitely not a solution, especially in the long term.

  • An Entire Computer Checkup

    When any hacker has control over your webcam, they most likely also have control over your whole computer and the files that you have stored in it. Therefore, before fixing your webcam, be sure that your computer is secure and away from any potential threat.

  • Up To Date Security Programs and Operating Systems

    Make sure that your security programs and operating systems are up to date. This will make sure that you are well protected. You should also avoid indulging in any behavior that can cause risk.
    The malware of today is very sneaky and dangerous and should be taken seriously. You should be very careful whenever you are operating any sites and you should instantly seek help from a professional if you feel that something is wrong at any point in time.