Here Are 5 Laptop Stands To Help Your Posture

Working on a laptop can be a hectic job especially when sitting for long working periods of time. Sitting in one posture for long can cause damage to your spinal cord and can also cause health problems.
A solution to this problem could be to buy yourself a laptop stand. These stands can help you maintain an easy and relaxing posture so that you can work with ease.
1. Rain Design mStand

Designed for Macbooks, this stand works with almost all types of laptops. It’s made of aluminum and features a simple design that is angled to keep your laptop elevated to eye level. It comes with an adjustable base that lets you swivel the laptop from side to side. Just place this stand on your table and start working without compromising with your health.
2. IKEA Brada

Featuring a fold-out desk stand, the IKEA Brada is available in two very affordable designs. It features spaces on the sides that work as cable management slots so that the cables don’t disturb you while working. It’s designed to keep your laptop elevated so that you don’t have to bend over too much.
3. Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand

This space-saving laptop stand is designed in a way that it can easily accommodate a keyboard as well. Made from aluminum, it’s light-weight and is equipped with rubberized feet so that it doesn’t move while adjusting your laptop. Buying this stand is a wise choice as it allows you to adjust the height on which you want to keep it. Its open design also keeps the laptop cool and makes it inexpensive.
4. Cooler Master NotePal U2

As the name suggests, the Cooler Master stand is designed to keep your laptop cool while you are working. It can easily accommodate multiple cooling fans as per your needs and also elevates your laptop to the level of your comfort. Featuring a mesh design that helps for ventilation, this laptop stand can be disassembled and be used as a protective case for carrying laptops. You can buy this stand in different colors and sizes, depending on the number of fans you want to add to it.
5. Do It Yourself

Looking for a much cheaper laptop stand? Why not build one on your own?
To build a laptop stand of your own, all you need to do is to look around for some unused things in your home. You can make a laptop stand out of a stack of books or use some PVC pipes to build a proper stand. You can then turn it into a more stylish version by adding height-adjustment and a cable management system.
Take a look at your current workstation and see which laptop stand will suit your needs the best!