Gone! – An App That Will Help You Sell Old Crap

Admit it – most of us have more clothes, shoes, or bags, items long forgotten hidden away in our garages, sheds, or even under our beds which we don’t even remember existed. In a time when shopping is as easy as clicking a button, we all have more stuff than we actually need. E-commerce websites have turned us into shopaholics. While some of us want to put an end to hoarding and start de-cluttering, what keeps us from taking any action is the amount of time and effort one needs to put in order to get rid of all this unwanted junk. This is the main reason why we’ve been putting off cleaning our closets for so long.

Good news is, you can put an end to your procrastination because some developers have created an app for this! Yes, an app which helps you get rid of your old junk within no time. With “Gone,” selling unwanted things just became a breeze.

The app allows you to take a picture of the item you wish to sell, add a small description and rest of the work is done by Gone. Your stuff will either be sold or donated to a charity. But what about packaging? Well, Gone even provides you with suitable packing material, arranges for its pick up, and then subsequent delivery to the buyer or its warehouse for later sale.

For every item you put on sale, Gone will provide you with a quote. If the quoted value is acceptable, Gone will send you a check through the mail to complete the transaction. Initially, the app was providing its services in Austin and San Francisco, but now has extended its services nationwide.

Recently, Gone announced its strategic alliance with UPS and Amazon.com to strengthen its services. Under this partnership, a newer version of the app, Gone Lite has been introduced. This updated app automatically sends the seller the required packing material. All you need to do is box the item and drop it off at a nearby UPS franchise or UPS can arrange for its pick up from your doorstep.
The benefits don’t end here, this app can even integrate with your email to extract purchase receipts, notifications, etc. so it can maintain its inventory for all the stuff you recently purchased and would later like to sell. Thus, it will reduce the effort of manually entering item details and descriptions when you list an item for sale. This feature automatically does this for you!
There are other options available to sell your junk as well, but Gone is the safest bet. With other websites, there’s always a risk of being scammed or cheated by too-good-to-be-true deals, but not with Gone! This app lets you weigh your options carefully and decide freely. With Gone, it’s not only about de-cluttering, but you can even make some money while you’re in the process. Cleaning out your closet has never been better!